R.I.P Hoomans: AI Can Think, Read, and Write by@gururaj-swamy9

R.I.P Hoomans: AI Can Think, Read, and Write

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While we feel proud about our human abilities to think and communicate, there is a silent rise of machines, all set to surpass us.  

Elon Musk (aka real-life Iron man) is determined to change the destiny of machines. His OpenAI with its AI language model GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is all set to mimic humans.

GPT-3 is well trained on a whopping 175 billion parameters which is a hundred times more than its predecessor. The program finds patterns without any supervision and then uses to work on text prompts. Although OpenAI allows third parties to make the best use of GPT-3, in the long run, Elon Musk plans to make it commercial. 

Below it the list of awesome stuff GPT-3 can do:

Chatbot to revive dead historical figures:

It may not bring them back literally but it can be configured to a specific personality. It holds countless number of biographies, textbooks or autobiographies. You can learn philosophy from Socrates, rocket science from Elon Musk or poetry from John Keats. All thanks to GPT-3.

Change writing style

It can convert any text into a different style and present it to you. Got issues with compiling a complaint against your landlord? GPT-3 can convert it into a legal language. Be it changing tone of email from informal to formal, or writing an amazing essay in a particular format, GPT-3 got your back. Check out this example:


Create epic conversations between historical figures

Sounds like a fiction movie or animation movie to you, right? It is possible now with GPT-3. People from different centuries, places or backgrounds who have never met each other can be made to talk.

Check out this example of unique conversation between Claude Shannon and Alan Turing. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you will love this conversation between Harry, Hermoine and Hagrid.


GPT-3 geared up to steal job of writers

Be it amazing literary work of Emily Dickinson or soulful musings of Rumi, training mode of GPT-3 got it all. Obviously, if it can make conversations among people, writing fiction is a child’s play for GPT-3.

Complete images

If GPT-3 got ample data, it can also complete images too just like completing sentences. GPT-3 needs to be configured for pixels instead of words.


For medical queries

Apart from diagnosis of medical issues, GPT-3 can also explain in detail about different types of treatments. Well, check out this example to get amazed.


Only those who ask questions get answers

Next time, you want to search something, don’t worry about rephrasing your question. You can now type the exact question and look out for answers. Almost like Google search but with a question-answer format. 


So what is your opinion about GPT-3?

Is it a boon or bane to everyone?

To think and communicate, there is a silent rise of machines, set to surpass us.


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