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Rich Man Values Gold, His Son Values Bitcoin

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And if you don't know, now you know.

How do the rich get richer? At the poker table, it's simple, when you have more chips, you have earned the right to lie more often.

Rich men value gold. That's the standard.

A store of value with interest - that is the real shit. Gold's been the real shit for generations.

The shit rich people hoard.

But what is the shit their sons and daughters hoard?

Bitcoin. Not gold.

In a world where our attention's gone digital, digital cash is common sense.

Will Bitcoin be gold?

DeFi is looking for the fiat element with no reason to be more valuable than another fiat element - other than perception.

Au is not the most valuable element, but it is the element most closely associated with value.

Perception. Satoshi. Schiff.


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