Reinventing the Legendary Fish Shooting Game Using Blockchains by@julia-magas

Reinventing the Legendary Fish Shooting Game Using Blockchains

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With the emergence of new technologies like AI/ML, AI, and Blockchains, the gaming industry today is ready to bring new advancements in the gaming field and create a whole new experience for gamers worldwide. While other techs are slowly picking up the pace, blockchain-based gaming platforms have already started to revolutionize the sector.

With their transparent and decentralized ecosystem, they have become sought-after games for players worldwide who are looking for more than just an enhanced gaming experience. Fishcoin is one such blockchain game that is intending to revolutionize the ever-famous fish shooting game by taking it on a blockchain ledger. 

The Fishcoin Game

Fishcoin is a blockchain-based social game, which allows gamers to "catch the fish'' in return for in-game Gold.

As part of their DeFi summer camp, KardiaChain Labs has developed this game in association with a promising start-up gaming platform, 1B Studio.


The game is lightweight and contains high-quality graphics and animations. In order to play the game, a user needs to create a Kardia Wallet via Chrome extension or on the Kardia Wallet mobile App (Android and iOS) and then connect the wallet to the game.

The Game Market

The concept of a fish shooting game is quite a popular way to make money through video games. However, most of these games can be easily exploited by hackers by cheating the system. At the same time, even developers can run the odds against players if they are winning too many games in a row. The lack of transparency and abundance of centralization is the primary purpose behind developing Fishcoin. 

The platform incorporates KardiaChain blockchain technology, which ensures a trusted and transparent gaming experience to the players while providing them with maximum security of a decentralized network. Though the main focus is to reinvent the legendary fish shooting game, Fishcoin also aims to drive more players toward blockchains, and then ultimately to, cryptocurrencies. 

How Does Fishcoin Work?

Like all fish shooting games, Fishcoin also allows players to shoot a fish using in-game Gold. There are two ways to get the Gold in order to play:

1) Buy it on the platform using online payment options. 

2) Earn it in the game according to the rewards of each fish type. 

The ultimate goal is to catch the fish. However, unlike other fish shooting games. Each fish in the Fishcoin has its own random value and the number of Gold coins shot into the fish is more like adding capital to a project. As soon as a player catches the fish, the platform will reward as per their investment. 

When playing Fishcoin, users are given several weapons. A player should use the right weapons and make the right moves to shoot fish because the game is all about quick decision-making and hand-eye coordination. The timing is also equally important because a gamer must know when to invest their capital in the right resources at the right moment to strike and "catch the fish''.

In return for each win, the platform offers Gold coin rewards, which players can exchange for KAI - the native token of Kardiachain.

While Fishcoin aims to bring more entertainment, it also brings a financial sense to the gamers because investing in cryptos or other investment instruments also requires experience, timely decisions, skill, and luck.

The whole vision is to pave a way for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

Furthermore, Fishcoin uses the KardiaChain blockchain to record transactions, including players’ wins, rewards, buy-in/cash-out, Gold balance, etc. Game users can always track their data in real-time by accessing KardiaChain’s ledger that is open for everyone to evaluate. However, no one can make any changes to it. It further strengthens the gaming platform and bulletproofs it from malicious actors.

Closing Thoughts

The rapid upward trend of online games is clear proof that the pandemic has brought more gamers to the industry. With more and more platforms basing their infrastructure on blockchain technology, the gaming industry is getting more secure and transparent than ever.

Fishcoin is also an attempt to reinvent the traditional fish shooting game to meet the quality standards required by today’s generation. Additionally, the game sets out to introduce more users to cryptocurrencies through its in-gaming real-world capital investment experience.

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