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How to turn gaming into a full time income

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Can the Blockchain Turn Gaming into a More Viable Full Time Job?

Imagine the prospect of two of the most lucrative markets merging together, complimenting each other perfectly to produce an efficient revenue generating machine. The thought of the behemoth which is the Esports industry adopting the blockchain and using it for transactions throughout their ecosystem, really is a mouth watering prospect.

The Gaming industry and the blockchain were born to be together. Rewarding the outcome of battles held within virtual worlds with Cryptocurrency, the new age digital currency. The only problem the Esports industry faces however, is a lack of new talent coming through to support the rapid growth potential the industry can attain. Many talented players cannot push to achieve their full potential because let’s face it, it’s not a 100% guaranteed source of income. Players are taking a huge risk by giving up regular employment for the chance to earn a living by playing video games competitively.

Up until now it was only the chosen few that could earn a full time living playing their favourite games competitively. Now thanks to Refereum, aspiring full time professionals and part time gamers can get a piece of the action. Earning money doing what they love.

Refereum is the missing link between Gamers, Influencers and Developers. By cutting out the middleman they are creating a direct channel for developers promoting their product with influencers and gamers who want to earn revenue, doing what they do best.

They are integrating with two giants within the gaming industry, Twitch and Unity. Unity will be creating a plug-in for their games, past & present, which will allow players to earn revenue playing the games they love.

Refereum (RFR) is the Cryptocurrency used within the Refereum network. Which can be held as an asset to attaining value on the market. Alternatively it can be traded for your currency of choice when Refereum officially hits the market in February.

Twitch are also integrating Refereum into their software. They are using it to reward their huge fanbase with, whether you are watching or streaming content. You can start earning Refereum right now just by watching or hosting a stream on Twitch.

Check it out! -Earn Refereum streaming Twitch.

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In the past, Influencers found it incredibly difficult to earn a substantial revenue through Youtube. Game developers pay huge sums of money to have their advertisement placed on the content an influencer produces. The advertiser usually pays around $20 per 1000 impressions but the influencer, the person that is actually advertising the product, is only receiving around 10%. For developers the current method isn’t as effective as it could be. A huge percentage of their advertising budget isn’t being used effectively.

Refereum have created a way for developers to use 100% of their advertising budget. Their budget is distributed directly to the influencers who advertise their game. As an influencer, you now have a multitude of revenue options. Being able to select which games you love to play and entertain your audience to earn revenue directly from the developer that created it.


Anyone who plays a video game will be rewarded financially for it. . They will be rewarded Refereum for reaching certain milestones, like completing levels and achieving high scores. Allowing aspiring Esport professionals and everyone who loves to play video games to earn revenue.

Refereum have created a platform which supports the Esports industry to promote its huge growth potential. Aspiring players, uncertain whether to take the leap of faith to become professional Esport players have a safety net. When players earn more money playing the games they love, they can make a confident transition into full time gaming. More and more players will become professionals and provide new growth for the Esports industry to create new regional and national competitions.

The team *

Dylan Jones



Dylan is well-versed in the challenges of making successful games; after helping design some of the highest-grossing Facebook and mobile titles of all time, he spreads the knowledge by working with developers at various game platforms. He founded game co-working space Gamenest, and advocates for decentralized systems at conferences globally and his wide-reaching Meetups in San Francisco.

Alistair Doulin

Chief Technical


Alistair is a game industry veteran who has worked on multiple high profile game and engine projects. He’s a successful programmer, speaker, blogger, and dedicated Ethereum miner, while also advising on multiple creative and enterprise cryptocurrency projects.

Sloane Earl

Business Development


Sloane started her career in the game industry as a traditional and digital concept artist, with her industry knowledge and charisma soon leading her into a role as Business Development Manager at game animation studio Plastic Wax. She now travels internationally, visiting studios and conventions in search of the industry’s best talent and most exciting projects.

Nick Klingsmith

Tools Developer


Nick single-handedly created some of Unity’s most downloaded tools on the asset store. He also spent four years at Zynga as a tools programmer. When he’s not helping developers make their games better, he’s maintaining his Ethereum nodes.

Brad Johnson

Web developer


Brad develops game and web platforms and is a consistent altcoin trader. He comes from a long background of testing and security on notable titles, such as the Star Wars franchise at LucasArts and has since shifted to making web platforms.

Mark Maratea

Engine Developer


Mark is a game industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. Having created key architecture for a variety games at EA, there’s nobody better to help developers with the implementation of Refereum.

Katie Williams



Katie has been writing about games for a decade; she is primarily known for her journalism work for online and print outlets including IGN, PC Gamer, GameSpy, PC PowerPlay, and more. She is now an editor at Google Play, where she shapes the editorial vision of Google Play’s new Editors’ Choice for games.

Oleksii Matiiasevych

Smart Contract Author


Oleskii saved and returned millions of dollars of Ethereum in July’s multi-sig exploit and mentors others to mature blockchain security. He writes Refereum’s smart contracts.

Advisors *

Ernest Le


Ernest has spent over five years at Twitch as Director of Publishers and Developer Partnerships.

Ian Dunlap


Ian has spent over five years at Unity managing the Unity Asset Store ecosystem.

Koh Kim


Koh Kim currently advises game startups on marketing and business development strategy. During her Google tenure, Koh helped launched and grow multiple Google products in business development and marketing roles. She was also an early member of the Google Play Games Business Development team where she led international market expansion, industry influencers and game startup outreach. Notably, she started the Play business development team in Korea and helped expand Play’s business in Asia.

Andrii Zamovsky


Andrii is the founder of Ambisafe, managing its world-class smart contract team and leading its initiative to bring blockchain to the mainstream.

Social statistics *

Facebook -1,277 Likes


Reddit -57 Readers

Telegram -270 Members

Medium -28 Followers


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News *

October 10th, 2017 -CoinSchedule

By cutting the marketing middleman, Refereum directly rewards influencers and gamers for promoting and playing video games — something otherwise unattainable for most influencers.

October 17th, 2017 -Cointelegraph

Refereum, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency company founded by game industry veterans, is revolutionizing the way video game marketing and engagement is conducted via the blockchain.

October 24th, 2017 -CoinIdol

Refereum is working with Twitch, the most prominent influencer gaming platform; Unity, the world’s most used game engine; and Ambisafe, which has secured cryptocurrency projects like Tether and Chronobank. Refereum is backed by a team with years of experience at top-tier game and tech companies such as Zynga and Google, with veteran analysts, developers, business development managers, and marketers leading the project.

October 25th, 2017 -CryptocoinsNews

Video game enthusiasts will soon reap significant rewards for playing and streaming video games. Refereum, a new blockchain startup based in San Francisco, has quickly built momentum amongst online gamers with the promise of directly connecting parties involved to transform game marketing and engagement for all.

October 27th, 2017 -Huffington post

Video game enthusiasts will soon reap significant rewards for playing and streaming video games. Refereum, a new blockchain startup based in San Francisco, has quickly built momentum amongst online gamers with the promise of directly connecting parties involved to transform game marketing and engagement for all.

The ICO *


The Presale is currently running until December 11th, 2017.

The crowdsale begins on December 12th, 2017 and runs until February 12th, 2017. The crowdsale will finish early if the $25,000,000 (25 Million USD) hardcap has been met.

Token name:

Refereum (RFR)

Total supply:

5,000,000,000 (5 Billion) RFR in Total

2,500,000,000 (2.5 Billion) RFR for sale


50% -For sale

25% -Development of Platform

10% -Incentivise Game Developers

10% -Team

5% -Incentivise Influncers

Price per token:

$0.01 for 1 RFR

Important links *

The Refereum whitepaper.

If you would like to participate in the Refereum ICO.

My Ethereum Address -0xD9e835E886E4257F775c83F54f332d0a07E9eA83

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