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Recommended Coding Content!

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I love YouTube, so much content out there and so much you can learn. This can be quite overwhelming for a new learner, so here’s a place for me to recommend places which I personally think are the best.

There are quite different levels of ‘difficulty’ in the videos, so here I wanna list them out, in these categories. Note that I have more of a bias towards front end development, and Javascripty stuff! I’ll keep this updated when I find more and/or get good suggestions.

As Beginner Friendly as Possible;

  • Coding Train by the super energetic Daniel Shiffman (The legend that got me started!) Also has live streams every Friday which is awesome to see how he plans his videos out, gets stuck and asks the chat for help.
  • Net Ninja — Short but sweet tutorials, explained in super simple way. Tons of playlists on various libraries.
  • Jarvis Johnson — Kinda more on the entertainment side of things, but still good
  • Freecodecamp — As well as their amazing website which I highly recommend for learning, their youtube channel has a ton of content and is especially newbie friendly. Beau’s playlists are especially good. Also, they have a live ‘radio’ channel where you can code and listen to music.

Medium Stuff;

  • Acadmind — Some great tutorials and explanations. Maximilian Schwarzmüller is super clear and super efficient in his teaching style, totally for filling the German stereotype (then it isn’t a stereotype?).
  • Dev Tips — Newly taken over by MPJ, some good content here including a great series creating a project from concept to finish in a pair. All mistakes are kept, so it can be a good place to remind yourself that everyone struggles sometimes.
  • Layout Land — Jen Simmons mozilla developer going through CSS concepts in her amazing calming style.


  • Fun Fun Function — MPJ goes through a lot of interesting topics and concepts, including a hilarious deliberately most complicated implementation of “hello world”. Also does live streaming on twitch. Recently quit his job at Spotify to do youtube and twitch content full time.
  • Siraj Raval — Focused more on blockchain, and AI and machine learning.
  • The Tech Lead — Can’t tell if he’s parodying, but this guy talks a lot about being a senior developer shares his wisdom.
  • Coding Tech — More of a collection of lectures related to all types of development. Can be quite dense, but some interesting stuff.
  • Computerphile — This channel has content more focused on the theoretical subjects related to computer science.
  • GDC Some cool lectures related to video games. From developers to designers of quite well known games talk about their processes.

If you have any suggestions yourself feel free to comment it below. I hope this can be a good reference for others to use, especially for those who want to get into coding but just don’t really know where to start.

react to story with heart
react to story with light
react to story with boat
react to story with money
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