Ready, Set, Join: A New Sign-up Experience for Readers and Writersby@product
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Ready, Set, Join: A New Sign-up Experience for Readers and Writers

by HackerNoon Product UpdatesNovember 15th, 2023
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If you’re new to HackerNoon and looking to sign up, the process will be much easier. You can pick which type of account you want to - Reader or Writer - and get all their perks. Read on to learn how.

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We've streamlined our sign-up process at HackerNoon! Whether you're a new user looking to join as a Reader or a Writer, we've made the process more straightforward.

What are the advantages of being a HackerNoon Reader?

As a Reader, you gain access to a library of more than 80,000 stories by over 35,000 writers. You can enjoy a wealth of real-world Tech Stories free of charge, without any paywalls or popups.

With your HackerNoon subscription, you will receive:

  • The Noonification: A daily email featuring the best stories on HackerNoon, sent at noon.
  • The Tech Beat: Weekly newsletters highlighting the top trending stories of the past 24 hours.
  • The Tech Company Brief: A free data-driven insight into the tech companies making waves in the public consciousness.

To receive Product Updates, Writer’s Notes, and other emails, you can subscribe here! Additionally, you can subscribe to a Tech Category and receive a weekly newsletter of top stories on the topic. Find out more about this here.

You can also tailor the content to suit your interests. Simply visit the Interests page on your profile page, select your preferred tags, and you're all set!

You can use our search bar to look for specific tags.

Now that you're familiar with the perks, let's guide you through the sign-up process for HackerNoon.

Reader Flow

When signing up as a Reader, you'll have the opportunity to:

  1. Select the Tech Categories you wish to subscribe to and see examples of stories related to each category.
  2. Select the newsletters you want to subscribe to, with testimonials from our users that you can read on the right side of the screen.

After sign-up, an automatic handle will be created for you. If you want to complete your onboarding later, you can return to the page anytime.

What are the benefits of being a HackerNoon Writer?

As a Writer, you can share your insights on a massive publishing platform for free! Your work will be published alongside content from contributors at the world's biggest tech companies, boosting your reputation.

Additionally, you can participate in our writing contests for a chance to win cash prizes! To begin, simply click on "New Draft" on your HackerNoon Dashboard or "Start Writing" on the top right corner. If you're unsure about what to write, you can use one of our quick-start templates.

Furthermore, you can build your email list with our subscription feature. This allows your readers to sign up for your newsletter and receive your content directly in their inbox. You can even export the email addresses of your followers anytime. Learn how here.

Ready to join? Let's go through the sign-up process!

Writer Flow

Complete your onboarding process by visiting your profile page for a more personalized experience. After account creation, you can change your handle only once, so choose wisely!

Here's how to change your handle:

** **

While you're at it, if you still have questions about how to complete your profile page, check out this guide! It’ll teach you all you need to flaunt your best online self!

PS: Certain actions on HackerNoon will also lead you to an action-based signup flow. Read all about it here.