Reach out and Nominate Your Hero of the Internet #Noonies2021 by@noonies2021

Reach out and Nominate Your Hero of the Internet #Noonies2021

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Oh hello there, Hacker, 

I think it’s time, once more, for you and I to recognize the fabulous tech creatures that entertain, inspire, enlighten, and amuse us on the internet. 

It could be your favourite lecturer, your favourite DIY couple, your favourite life hacks TikTok star, your strange family member, teacher, friend, pet, or honestly maybe it’s you. You are allowed to inspire yourself.

It’s called motivation. 

Nominate this human for a Noonies Award!

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In this blog post I decided to feature the Internet Heroes category! Behold its description: 

One of the most significant triumphs of the intricate and fascinating world of the internet is that extraordinary talent, kindness, and perseverance have the chance to shine.

No matter what circumstances life dealt you, no matter how harsh your situation has been, the internet creates a possibility for you to reach out to the world.  Talent lives in people from different nations, backgrounds, genders, predispositions, etc., and the connected online community demonstrates what passionate people working in unison can do for the progress of humanity.

It’s truly unifying to know that we can — not only— all collaborate in passion, but also, celebrate incredible feats together.  It’s an unbelievably beautiful thing. In this category, we're looking forward to celebrating the thinkers, makers, movers, and shakers who made the internet (and thus, the whole world) a better place to live, especially in "the new normal.”

We love you all, and thank you for your ideas, dedication, kindness, and motivation to pursue and your talents for the ultimate sake of building a better universe.

 Below are Some of My Favourite Titles:


Rick Sanchez of the Year 

This prestigious award is intended to acknowledge the seemingly fine line between madness and brilliance. Sometimes having a perspective or drive that is outside the norm can be taunted and questioned, as seen in Rick and Morty and the Meaning of Life.  

But surpassing these challenges and creating something useful, brilliant, awesome, or just genuinely hilarious is a winning way to be. Congratulations stranger, may you always be bold and quirky.

 Best Use of Tech for Democracy 

While some technology may disrupt democracy, these nominees advance the democratic spirit by utilizing the all-encompassing power of tech. 


TikTok's Crypto Czar 

This award celebrates the leaders, leading the next generation's financial revolution! Specifically, those who educate the world about this revolution via the next generation's preferred medium (TikTok). 

Greenest Tech Advocate of the Year 

The greenest tech award goes to the most sustainable use of tech for the environment.

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Thank you for all that you do tech superhumans! 

Written by: Ellen Stevens, Editor and Community Advocate