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Quicknotes on Python Poetry

Create a new Poetry project with the following directory structure: Creating Poetry Project. Deactivate the Python virtual environment and install a Python package (pip install) Uninstall a Python packages (glypip uninstall) Display the package information and lock the project dependencies. Update the dependencies according to the project's Python project's size: Glypip.pyproject.tomlfile: Glyphilev.py project.py. Unload the Python environment:glyphilepip. Uninstall the Python package:glypiphip uninstall.
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Create a new Poetry project:

# poetry new <project-name>

# Ex:
poetry new rocketship

This creates a Poetry project with the following directory structure:


Activate the Python virtual environment:

cd ./rocketship
poetry shell

Deactivate the Python virtual environment:


Install a Python package (

pip install

# poetry add <package_name>

# Ex:
poetry add requests

Uninstall a Python package (

pip uninstall

# poetry remove <package_name>

# Ex:
poetry remove requests

Installing dependencies:

poetry install

Display the package information:

poetry show

Lock the project dependencies:

poetry lock

Update the dependencies according to the 


poetry update

List the existing Python virtual environments associated with a Poetry project:

cd rocketship
poetry env list



Delete the Python environment:

# poetry env remove <python-environment-name>

# Ex:
poetry env remove rocketship-DKQKySEf-py3.8

Follow this space (Vikas Z's blog) for more on Python Poetry usage and hacks.

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