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Quest Arrest: Shipping a Physical Game Boy Game in 2021

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Why develop games for Nintendo's 1989 Game Boy system? Because the retro scene is alive and kicking. My passion for retro games shines through in my work. In this article, I'll talk about Quest Arrest, a digital and physical Game Boy game I developed and shipped in 2020 and continue to sell today in 2021.

What is Quest Arrest?

The game follows the main protagonist, the recently promoted Detective Allison Bennett, on her quest to clean up her city.

The game is set in the city of Strange Meadows, after a recent crime spree that has thrown the city into chaos. The antagonist Athena, and her gang, have been terrorizing the residents and have set her sights on taking over the city.

Inspired by Pokémon and Police Quest


Quest Arrest is an Adventure RPG game that has inspiration from the hit Pokémon games mixed in with the 90's Police Quest games as well as some quick time events you might find in Mario RPG games or something along that flavor.

First released in March of 2020, Quest Arrest gained quite a bit of popularity, prompting a physical release of the game shortly after.

The game has sold hundreds of copies and continues to grow in community.

It was even covered by the famous Retro Game Youtuber MetalJesusRocks:

Multiple Endings: Credibility is Key

There are different endings depending on your credibility. Credibility is the system that determines whether you are a good cop or bad cop.

Arresting people will gain you credibility (but it’s not an easy task).

Killing the enemies will turn the city against you from fear and they will treat you differently. So you need to be careful out there, good cop or bad cop, that’s your choice.

Choose to fight crime or join the criminals in this adventure title and enjoy it on actual physical hardware.

Console Compatibility

The physical game works on the Gameboy, Gameboy color, Gameboy advanced, as well as the Super Gameboy.

The rom is also available for download if you have an emulation device. If not, feel free to play it on Android through the play store, or through the webplayer on itch.io.

Quest Arrest is sure to fill your craving for nostalgia and show you true retro gaming in 2021. It feels like you are in 1992 again.

If you enjoy retro gaming, you should definitely check out this Game Boy game.

You can grab a physical copy in 2021 by going to https://theretroroomroo.bigcartel.com/


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