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4,841 reads - 2024's New Memecoin Playground

by Mr FiresideApril 10th, 2024
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Too Long; Didn't Read launched in January 2024 by carving out for itself a unique space in the crypto landscape by catering specifically to the memecoin crowd. Unlike traditional token creation processes, enables users to launch coins that can be traded immediately. Unlike many other meme coins, tokens issued on Pump. fun are protected against**rug pulls**.
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Mr Fireside HackerNoon profile picture has rocketed into 2024 as an absolute game-changer in the world of memecoins. This innovative platform allows users to effortlessly create and launch new tokens that are instantly tradeable without the need to seed liquidity. Let’s dive into the details. launched in January 2024 by carving out a unique space in the crypto landscape by catering specifically to the memecoin crowd. Pump quickly gained traction due to its fun, 4chan-like user-friendly platform that allows anyone to create and trade memecoins in a couple of clicks.

Key Features of

  1. Instantly Tradeable Tokens: Unlike traditional token creation processes, enables users to launch coins that can be traded immediately. No waiting for liquidity to accumulate, no reviews, no submissions, nothing—just create, trade, and have fun!
  2. Bonding Curve Model: introduced a bonding curve model for trading Solana and Blast tokens. This model ensures that liquidity is dynamically adjusted based on demand, providing an alternative approach to liquidity provision.
  3. Safety Mechanism Against Rug Pulls: One of the standout features of is its inbuilt safety mechanism. Unlike many other meme coins, tokens issued on are protected against rug pulls—a common crypto scam where token issuers drain liquidity and effectively pull the rug on holders. Every coin on undergoes a fair launch with no pre-sale or team allocation, minimizing the risk of scams.

The core functionality of revolves around empowering users to become their own memecoin architects, known on Pump as Devs. If I wanted to give you a how-to guide showing you what steps you need to take to deploy a token on Pump, it would be a complete waste of time because it’s as easy as 1. connecting your Web3, 2. clicking [start new coin], 3. filling in four fields and 4. clicking [Create new coin]. That’s it!

Solana and Blast Integration primarily operates on the Solana network, leveraging its fast transaction speeds and low fees. Solana is currently experiencing congestion issues which Pump says may impact transaction times, but the platform continues to thrive.

Recently, extended its support to the Blast network as well. Blast, a relatively new player, and offers additional opportunities for token creators and traders. By integrating with more networks essentially expands its reach into different crypto communities.

What’s The Cost?

Memelords AKA users AKA Devs can expect to pay 0.02 SOL which is currently about $3.

It’s amazing when you really think about how far we have come! 3 bucks to launch your own crypto meme token. Wow!

What Happens After Deployment?

After launching a token on, a few things happen:

Trading Begins: Your newly created memecoin becomes available for immediate trading on the platform. Users can buy and sell your token based on the bonding curve, which adjusts the price dynamically based on supply and demand.

Community Building: The success of your memecoin often hinges on building a strong community. You can promote your token on social media, forums, and other online platforms to attract buyers and generate interest. itself has a built-in community board where you can connect with potential investors.

Burning Mechanism: When a token’s market capitalization reaches a certain threshold (e.g., $69,000), a portion of liquidity is deposited to Raydium and burned. Burning ensures fairness and prevents manipulation, maintaining a healthy token ecosystem. Once this process happens, the launch is effectively over with the token now being traded on Raydium. Beware; few tokens make it to Raydium which is all part of the fun.

Success Stories

  • BaoBaoSol: The first token on transitioned to the liquidity pool of Raydium, symbolizing the platform’s success.
  • Other notable tokens include Shark Cat (SC) and Hobbes, valued at $100 million and $35 million, respectively.

Overall, launching a token on is just the first step. To ensure its long-term success, you'll need to actively build a community, manage price fluctuations, and potentially explore ways to add additional value or utility to your memecoin. Or just be a degenerate and roll the dice!

In summary, fun is literally in the name! I’ve spent countless hours on apeing into random things and even playing around with my own launches. Pump opens doors to creativity, profitability, and engagement like never before - enjoy the ride! 🚀🌟