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Proven Strategies For Training And Retaining Remote Workers

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Interview with Holly Cardew Founder of Pixc

In last week’s episode of Build we dove into the benefits and best practices around recruiting remote workers. But as you’ve learned from last month’s Build episodes, it’s not enough to hire talent, you also need to onboard new hires by training them!

Training someone to be on a remote team might seem like a challenge since they aren’t sitting next to you. Those who are new to setting up a remote team think that training face-to-face is just easier because you can answer questions as they come up. And it may seem easier when training multiple hires. But rest assured you can train remote workers, and in a way that scales as you hire multiple people at once.

In today’s episode, we’re going to share a number of proven strategies that have worked across job roles.

Once you’ve trained your remote workers, you might be wondering how to hold them accountable and retain them long term. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered ;)

We’ll be share fool-proof techniques for holding remote workers accountable and how to retain them long-term.

One last thing to keep in mind — there is a difference between a remote-first versus a remote-friendly company. If you’re not familiar with the difference, we’re going to dive into it and talk about how it can impact long-term retention of your remote workers.

Holly Cardew the Founder of Pixc is back to help us out. Holly has grown and scaled her team across Australia and Asia. And has done so in a number of job functions spanning both the business side with roles such as virtual assistants and marketers, to the technical side hiring software developers and designers to build the product.

As you watch today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Why remote working doesn’t work for some companies and cultures — impacting long-term productivity and retention of remote workers
  • Best practices for training and onboarding remote workers
  • How to hold remote workers accountable
  • Why you need a communication escalation framework to keep your remote workers productive
  • How to coach remote workers to be more resourceful

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