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Pros and Cons of QuickBooks -Business Accounting Software

by Gena SanfordApril 18th, 2022
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QuickBooks is a great software suite for small businesses. It provides them the flexibility of working even when their accountants are away.
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QuickBooks is a well-known software under the bookkeepers and accounting community. Many small and medium enterprises have been using it for years now. For decades, it dominated the self-bookkeeping and accounting needs. However, many other companies are launching alternatives to this application. Here is why:

As QuickBooks Desktop evolved with time, it became more complex. Every day QB users found new bugs in the application. For instance: QuickBooks error code 6129 0. It gave other competitors to bring improved accounting software with more functions at a cheaper price.

With this article, we will analyze how effective QuickBooks is. Also, we will learn the pros and cons of the desktop program.

Pros of QuickBooks: Why Do People Prefer This Application?

Even though competitors are launching alternatives to QuickBooks, it still rules the market. Let's learn why it is widely preferred.

  • User friendly: A user with no accounting knowledge can run this application. With detailed guides and easy-to-implement accounting solutions, it is surely a simple-to-use application.
  • Supporting other apps: Whether you want to export your data to excel or connect with any other application through QuickBooks, none of it is difficult. This application provides flexibility to function with other apps without losing your data.
  • Quality Accounting Reports: The quality of financial and accounting reports can never be compromised. Also, if the user gets faulty reports, it can impact their business decisions in the short and long run.
  • Affordable program: QuickBooks provides multiple pricing. It helps users pay only for the needed components of the entire suite. Thus, it makes the application affordable.
  • Easy Accessibility: Depending upon the version, you can switch your account to any device at your convenience.
  • Data and Errors: One can easily contact customer support. Also, there are numerous resources available to resolve any error.

Cons of QuickBooks: Why Should We Not Use This Application?

A coin has two sides. Similarly, QuickBooks Desktop has benefits to offer, but can also have its drawbacks.

  • Lots of Bugs: There are numerous bugs in QuickBooks, also known as QB Errors. They can slow down your system and hinder your operations on QuickBooks. They also show a dialogue box with an error message. To fix these errors, users have to try a lot of methods. From our earlier example, i.e. QuickBooks error code 6129 0, this error message pops up on the screen:

QuickBooks Error Code 6129: Database Verification Failed

  • Limitations in users and file size: We all know that Intuit promotes its product for small businesses. Hence, it restricts the number of users and size of the file. However, if your work volume suddenly increases, it will negatively impact the performance of the software. It may slow down/ freeze while handling large transactions. It might also discourage the multi-user mode of working in such situations. Depending upon how fast your business grows, you need to switch from one version to another.
  • Improper connection with third-party apps: Exporting and importing data through third-party apps is great. It provides the flexibility of operations. However, as your business grows, you may want more such integration from QuickBooks with other tools. Users have often complained that the integration option of QuickBooks is quite frustrating. Hence, if you have pinned your hopes on QuickBooks integration, think again before buying or renewing your package.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks is a great software suite for small businesses. It provides them the flexibility of working even when their accountants are away. However, constant bugs and less security are a constant issue for the users. Make your decision of buying QuickBooks after considering the business size, growth, and needs.

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