Propel your Online Business to Success with an ECommerce Mobile Appby@ipshita_86562
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Propel your Online Business to Success with an ECommerce Mobile App

by Ipshita BiswasSeptember 7th, 2017
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This article will help you understand the need of an <a href="" target="_blank">ecommerce</a> mobile App and uncover the various new possibilities for your online <a href="" target="_blank">business</a>. An App, that allows you to manage, monitor and provide real-time insights into your store, while you’re on the move.

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This article will help you understand the need of an ecommerce mobile App and uncover the various new possibilities for your online business. An App, that allows you to manage, monitor and provide real-time insights into your store, while you’re on the move.

You will get an overview on how an ecommerce mobile App could be your ally to meet deadlines in order to satisfy your customers and stay strong in the market.

It is true that there are moments when you miss to complete an order on time. It might not be a very serious problem for you or your customer, but it affects your store reputation — an ecommerce mobile App with Real-time alerts will inform you about new order placement instantly.

Your online store provide you adequate details to track your store sales performance. But, when you’re away from your computer, it becomes difficult to predict the sales statistics — an ecommerce mobile App will combine all the data from your store and generate well-organized parameters along with graphs, giving you a quick idea on your store health.

Imagine your product was delivered to the customer in time and you want to change the order status to ‘Completed’ — an ecommerce mobile App will give you the option to change this order status quickly from your phone.

Another scenario that happens with a lot of business owners, when a customer orders a particular product in bulk, which in-result depletes the stocks. The problem arises when you have updated the stocks back, you will have to change the stock status from your computer — an ecommerce mobile App will allow you instantly update the stock status to ‘In Stock’, as soon as your stocks are updated.

So, without a hint of doubt, an ecommerce mobile App will help you manage and monitor your business better.

Now let’s investigate the various ecommerce platforms to find out how good ecommerce mobile Apps they have to offer the store owners. And maybe, this overview might stimulate your decision to choose the right platform for your store.

Here’s a roundup of a few good ecommerce platforms that are noteworthy -

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Shopify
  3. Magento
  4. Wix
  5. BigCommerce
  6. 3dCart

Without any further delay, let’s check out some of these ecommerce platforms and explore the respective mobile Apps -


It is an ecommerce plugin that is designed for WordPress, and it is famous for its simplicity and free based products. Commencing its journey to success in the year 2011, WooCommerce has about 28% of all online store.

This ecommerce platform has many mobile Apps for both Android and iOS platforms. And the good news is that almost all of these Apps are free to download.

But, among all Apps, StorePep is the best, as it has been designed by keeping important things in mind — store management, sales monitoring, instant notifications on your phone.

Image Credit: StorePep

Not only you can check the daily, weekly, monthly sales, you can easily check out the order status and/or change it. The App goes a step further to ensure better management of your store, by allowing you to change the stock size or customer address if required. In addition, you get real-time alerts through your App that makes sure that you’re always in-touch with your store and never miss a new order.

Another App that offer great functionalities is the WooCommerce Mobile Assistant. Though, you might not be able to manage your store on the go, however, tracking your sales won’t be a hitch. It has a unique feature that other Apps don’t offer — the ability to add Widget to your home screen.

You can check out more here.


This Canadian based ecommerce giant develops software for computers for use in online stores and marketing purposes. It has more than 400,000 sellers, and as CNET describes, “Clean, simple, and easy-to-use”, it has received similar appreciations from people all around the world.

The good or bad thing (depending on your viewpoint) is that Shopify has its own dedicated ecommerce mobile App. It is a brilliant App that offers some amazing features like adding products directly through your App. It has its own App store which lets you add extra functionalities to your App, just like adding extensions on your Google Chrome web browser.

Image Credit: Shopify Blog

Moreover, this App lets you preview your store as a third person and lets you track your sales, traffic, and view reports on the daily basis or any particular time period.

This App is available on both Android and iOS platforms. But, after completing the 14 days trial version, you will have to pay either 29$, 79$ or 299$ (depending on your need), in order to establish your store permanently on Shopify.


Magento incorporates a huge spectrum of merchants, both small and big to cover all types of online businesses. This PHP based open-source ecommerce platform was founded in 2008, and consumers love it for its flexibility as it adapts and learns according to their buying pattern.

Like WooCommerce, Magento has some amazing Apps. One of them is the Magento Store Monitoring by NEKLO. It is an iOS App that informs you on how your business is doing, provide detailed reports, display clear graphs and give real-time alerts.

Image Credit: NEWSWIRE

Magento Mobile Assistant is another Magento based App that is available on both Android and iOS. It offers you basic features to analyze and track your sales. But it is very similar to the Android WooCommerce App, as it is developed by the same developer, so you cannot completely manage your store. App doesn’t allow you to change the order status or update the stocks.


Wix is one of the most popular and excellent platforms founded in the year 2006. It’s a cloud-based web development platform which allows users to create a mobile friendly website through the use of its famous drag and drop tools.

And just like Shopify, Wix has its own dedicated App for both Android and iOS. It is easy to set up the App if you already have a Wix store — just sign in with your website credentials.

Image Credit: YouTube

Apart from the important features like managing and monitoring the store, there are few special things about this App — it allows you to chat with your customers directly through your App. And if you have a Blog section on your online store, you can even manage that — create new posts, add photos to it and share it on the social.


With the world moving towards the idea of an-App-for-everything, ecommerce mobile App for your online store is a grab-on opportunity. I hope this article gave you some insights behind the purpose of introducing an App to manage your business.

This article was written by Devesh Rajarshi