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Program Your Money to do Anything you Want

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Programmable banking. Build apps you can't build anywhere else.

What do you do with your money aside from sending payments, receiving payments, maybe investing, and putting aside? Chances are, not much. :-)

Unless your bank has an API that goes beyond PSD2 and open banking, there is no way you can upgrade your banking experience with code. Building custom automations and cool side projects with real banking data remains a distant fantasy.ย ย 

Fortunately, challenger banks, being IT companies at their core, open up APIs to their users directly. To give an example, we at bunq did it in 2017 already. While this is very cool in and out itself, the endpoints innovative banks expose don't always offer all the functionality youโ€™d want to fully control your bank account.ย 

Just because of that, and also because our founder is a developer ๐Ÿ˜Ž, we created the most revolutionary thing, a RESTful banking API with more than 200 endpoints that anyone can use to manage their bank account. ๐Ÿ’ช

What this means in practice is that using our API, you can integrate your bank account with anything:ย 

  • Automate payments of invoices received via email.ย 
  • Add โ‚ฌ5 to your savings account every time you run 5 kilometers.
  • Order new bank cards when the old ones expire.
  • Make a lamp blink every time you receive a salary.
  • Build any flow that you know will make your life easier!

Cards, savings & joint accounts, attachments, payments, transactions, and account settings are all programmable.ย 

While working with APIs is always exciting, but just one second of poor DX will kill your enthusiasm at lightspeed.๐Ÿ‘ฝ

Inspired by this axiom and having to deal with our API ourselves daily, we built a collection of tools that make it easy to get started with the bunq API:

  • detailed API docs;
  • SDKs that help you get started and make your first custom API calls;
  • a Postman collection that is auto connected to both the sandbox and production environments;
  • Tinker, a sample project auto connected to sandbox that you can run via a command and from which you can move to production by scanning a QR code;
  • an app directory where you can share your developments with the community.

Our community forum is moderated by fellow developers, so youโ€™ll always get competent support.

Give programmable banking a try, and youโ€™ll love it!

Manage your bank account settings, automate payments and budgeting, use the apps built by the community, or create your own ones! Youโ€™ll have 1 month to test it all on production.

Start by just running a command. Youโ€™ll be connected to sandbox by default. Create test users right from the environment. Move to production the way you never did: just scan a QR-code. โœจ

Choose the language of your preference:


$ bash >(curl -s


$ bash >(curl -s


$ bash >(curl -s


$ bash >(curl -s


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