Product Design: 3 Key Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing For Accessibility

Laura Allen, Accessibility Program Manager at Google (left) and Poornima Vijayashanker, founder of Femgineer(right)

Interview with Laura Allen, Accessibility Program Manager at Google for Chrome and the Chrome Operating System

Wasn’t last week’s episode on accessibility in product design enlightening? Well get ready for more!

The goal of the last episode was to give you solid understanding of accessibility, and all the things you could think about when designing a product with accessibility in mind. But we understand it might be a lot to tackle, which is why in today’s episode we’re going to boil it down into 3 key tips that are critical and will make a big impact.

Laura Allen is back to enlighten us. Laura is the Accessibility Program Manager at Google for Chrome and the Chrome operating system.

As you watch today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Why thinking about accessibility is not just one person’s job, but a team effort
  • How to integrate accessibility into your product development process
  • How to engage users and discover communities that are ready and willing to test products for you!

Here are some additional resources to checkout that Laura mentioned in the video:

Now, Laura and I want to know, have you tried one of these three tips when it comes to incorporating accessibility into your product, which of these did you try, and what was the impact it made? If you’ve got others, be sure to include them in the comments below.

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