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Did someone mention you?

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HackerNoon has a new feature coming your way. You can now mention relevant people, companies, coins, and other stories in your own HackerNoon stories!

Why mention?

Mentions bring a whole world of benefits to your story!

On the one hand, it helps you contextualize your story.

We’ve all heard the saying “built on the shoulder of giants.” Well - mentions are a way of doing just that! Other people before you have generated lots of content. When you give them a shoutout, your story carries more weight, readers will get a more comprehensive understanding of the matter at hand, and you, the author, won’t have to fear the  “credit stolen” label - because we know you did the hard work!

On the other hand, mentions are one of the best ways to show your appreciation. When you mention others, you bring more awareness to your story and theirs - honoring the work others did, the work that helped you create that terrific story of yours. Plus, every element mentioned in your article will be notified, and if they're as curious as HackerNoon, they will definitely want to check it out and perhaps give you a shoutout in return 😉

Lastly, mentions make referencing easier. Anytime you want to bring up a person, a company, a coin, or a story on HackerNoon, you can simply type some characters and watch the magic happen.

A quick guide to using mentions:

  1. Open
  2. Select “Start Writing”
  3. Choose “Editor 3.0”
  4. Click on the “+” and choose “Link” or press CTRL + K
  5. Type at least three characters for it to start searching and show the options available.
  6. Pick your choice and continue writing! If you’re already halfway through your story, just make sure you’re using editor 3.0 and mention away.

PS: Don’t forget to add “@” when mentioning people or companies!\

Mentions, mentions, mentions

Don’t know what to mention? Here are a couple of ideas:

Mention your favorite People at HackerNoon, whether it is another writer or a reader. It’s a great way of interacting with others and creating a more engaging article. Check out our amazing community members like @terieyenike:

Don’t forget to mention Companies you believe in. You can highlight their work and bring the attention of the public to your own story. Take a look into the companies on HackerNoon like Google:

With stories*,* you can refer to your articles of choice from HackerNoon to help develop your story or to share fascinating topics. Referencing was never this easy! Try interesting stories like Bad Guys From the Future:

Keep track of all the mentions

Once you’ve added all your mentions, you can check them by scrolling down to the bottom of your story or by consulting your story’s TL:DR, like in Startups With Ukrainian Roots Raise $200+ Million in 2022:

** **

You can mention anything you think it’s worth sharing with your readers while bringing more distribution to your stories!

Are you ready to upgrade your article by adding mentions to it?\

Thank you all for being a part of the HackerNoon community!