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Fomo3d on Solana: Making my Own Blockchain Game Factory

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-→ it’s hydra fanout composin’ itself with strata, who composeth back

-→ it’s a cool n dangerous game

-→ it’s this:


This article is more of a how-to guide on the various ways one can play the current evolution of :)

You might remember awhile back I wrote “Solana, NFTs, Gamer Economics, and a Glorious Rant” which detailed my first exploration into programming on blockchain in Rust.

What a wild ride it’s been! While that initial program poked a little bit of fun at Jordan (@redacted_j), this new evolution (on the same domain, mind you) pokes that same fun (again) but also new fun at Noah (@redacted_noah) - indeed the rivalry I like to engage with is brotherly :)

I didn’t exactly take a break from breaking Solana and learning Rust, mind you - check a commit that was merged a bit ago, wherein I was introduced to another cool cat Austin (@_austbot):


This text lives here:

For those of you inclined to code, the memes are glorious:

Aww, the maintainers removed it :( oh well! The line that did the magic did indeed at one point trail with // Magik!

Anywho, now that @StrataFoundation (by Noah) raised oodles of cash for their genius (and then won oodles more at Riptide) and I’ve been playing with this stuff for ages, and now that Aust and Noah joined forces to do this:

I believe it’s high time we do an actual factual game on Blockchain, finally.

It’s live on mainnet-beta :)

What is it? It’s almost a 1:1 clone exactly of Fomo3d ( on Solana.

It’s a gigaponzi, hear me out…


There are two (or more) ways to play & potentially earn. Let’s discuss the obvious game first, and meta-game second.


  1. A user visits the subdomains on (don’t use root domain for now). So long as they press this button before the timer runs out, they will win the Grand Prize when the timer eventually does run out :)
  2. If they submit the bid and there’s less than 24 hours on the countdown clock, the clock resets to 24 hours.
  3. Each bid must be at least a Lamport more than the previous bid, enforced by smart contract.
  4. The UI does some cool stuff like convert the tokens for you behind the scenes - you need tokens to do the deposit :)
  5. The Grand Prize is 3/4 of the pot, the other 1/4 persists to the next round, after the winner withdraws & resets the game.
  6. For ease of use, when you hit the page and scroll down the game has prefilled a swap form with the requisite tokens to start winning. Yay!
  7. image

As promised, these are the cool bits:

  1. Strata Protocol integrates some cool stuff that I’ve rarely seen in crypto, like buying and selling royalties on fungible tokens, like the ones we’re using to play fair3d.
  2. All of the fees go to a hydra fanout wallet.
  3. Anyone who stakes tokens using the interface on the site will receive their proportional & fair share of the fees, whenever they want, by pressing ‘claim.’ (tbd: devs need to merge this to enable this 100% of the time, lil buffer overflow issue: - fear not, I have tested my PR on devnet and indeed those who were staked and unable to claim were able to retroactively do so as soon as the fix was in place )
  4. That’s basically it :) glhf :)

Edit 1: looking back, I see about $400 USD in fees I went thru overnight via testing in production :) and bugfixin' :D

Oh well,

goes to the 2 users who were staked at the time :)

Just when @NostalgicGareth thought there was no free lunch…

… I really really hope he was staked :D


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