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Pre-IBC Hackathon—Get Your Spacesuits Ready for HackAtom V

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"The Internet of Blockchains"

IBC is coming. Come and hack on it before it gets shipped on Cosmos Hub mainnet.

HackAtom V Schedule

  • Registration Opens: Wednesday Sept 2nd, 3:00 pm UTC
  • HackAtom Begins: Friday Oct 16th @ 7:00 pm UTC
  • Submissions Due: Friday Oct 30th @ 7:00 pm UTC
  • Voting for Community Choice Award: Nov 2nd — 6th, voting closes 8:00 pm UTC
  • Winners Announced: Monday Nov 9th 8:00 pm UTC

👉 Apply at five.hackatom.org 👈


Rules & Guidelines

  • There are no limits on team size. Look to the participants section in Dev
  • Post to find teammates and introduce yourself
  • No outside work or work that was started prior to the official start date of the hackathon is allowed. Cannot use work from someone outside of your team who is also competing. Judging is based only on the work done during the duration of the hackathon. Using work that was done before the hackathon is grounds for disqualification.
  • It is encouraged to to use pre-existing open source tools and libraries.
  • Asking for guidance or advice from someone not on your team is encouraged.

Submission Guidelines

  • All projects must be submitted at hackatomv.devpost.com by Friday Oct 30th @ 12:00 pm PT.
  • Can submit work in multiple prize categories. Be sure to submit to every prize category your team wants to compete in.
  • All submissions must be completed during the duration of the hackathon. Teams can form ideas before the hackathon, but the code, hacks, and prototypes must be built during the hackathon.
  • A presentation file must be included with your submission. The goal is to explain your project to the judges. A pdf, google slide, youtube video, or other medium will be accepted and judged.


Prize Pool

$50K USD valued in ATOMs. The spot price of ATOM will be taken on the last day of the hackathon, on Oct 30th, where the day’s ‘High’ value will be used.

There will be three (or more) winners in each category except for the Community Choice Award, where there will only be one winner (the team that gets the most votes). The prize pool breakdown for each category is as follows:


Gringotts award: Best Interchain Finance using Cosmos Hub & IBC

  • $20K prize pool valued in ATOM

Wormhole award: Best use of Cosmos to provide Ethereum interoperability using Peggy or Ethermint

  • $10k prize pool valued in ATOM

Galileo award: Most creative/novel application-specific blockchain developed using Cosmos SDK, Tendermint, and/or IBC

  • $8k prize pool valued in ATOM

Gaia award: Best go to market concept for Cosmos Hub with the use of its existing modules or extending its functionality with new modules

  • $9k prize pool valued in ATOM

Community Choice Award: Registered Devpost hackers can vote for their favorite project excluding their own

  • $3k valued in ATOM to a single community favorite

Winners will be announced the Friday after the stated deadline for submissions of HackAtom V.

Resources for Hackers

Written Guides

Past Online Workshops

Join HackAtom V Discord

This is the water cooler channel where hackers can post questions and get answers from mentors. There will be dedicated office hours where mentors will be online over video chat to share screens and answer questions in real time.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/tn6EqYV

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