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Introducing The Cosmos Jobs Board Built on The Promise Protocol

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"The Internet of Blockchains"

Discover how Interchain Foundation intends to support the Internet of People in addition to the Internet of Blockchains.As we well know, the goal of Cosmos Network since its birth has always been to become the “Internet of Blockchains”, thus bringing in the crypto industry the missing piece for true mass adoption.

While our ecosystem’s Core Teams are realizing this incredible goal with the final tests to the Stargate and Big Bang testnetsInterchain Foundation has certainly not been idle and has decided to provide people with a platform that has the function that Cosmos Hub has in its IBC dream.

How, you may be wondering.

Well, Interchain Foundation, thanks to the brilliant work done by Promise Protocolhas created a recruitment-specific platform named Cosmos Jobs.

This board, which will not be dedicated exclusively to Cosmos Network but open to contributors from every part of the crypto-universe, aims to be a reference point for each team within the Cosmos Ecosystem and beyond.

Hurry up and apply for the jobs — teams can’t wait to meet you!

Interchain Foundation, which has always been as attentive to human resources as it is to technology, has decided to invest in improving communication and recruiting experience in the blockchain universe, offering free of charge the ideal meeting point for companies, industry experts, and people approaching it for the first time.

🔍 To be more detailed, on Cosmos Jobs you will find these sections:

Find Jobs

A list of all the open positions made by companies operating in the Cosmos ecosystem and not more

Browse Projects

A brief overview of the projects and companies that are part of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Browse Contributors

To authenticate themselves, some contributors to the Cosmos ecosystem are invited to create their own personal profile on the platform. The same suggestion is directed to resources seeking employment. In this section, you can find a list of registered contributors.

Create a Contributor Profile

Do you want to be noticed by companies? Tell us about yourself by creating your personal profile!

Create a Project Profile

Your project/company is not on our list? Create it in 5 minutes!

Employers: Post a job

Does your team have an open position? Great! Fill in the form and publish it on our website: we will help you to meet the profile you are looking for!

👩🏻‍🚀👨🏽‍🚀 Cosmos Jobs will benefit from constant support so that users will be able to express themselves in the best possible way and establish the best collaborations.

This includes a step-by-step guide, staff at your disposal, highlights in our newly born dedicated Twitter account (@JobsCosmos)and the security that each job offer or profile created has been reviewed to ensure its authenticity.

You are working to make the world a safer and fairer place, we at Interchain Foundation support you in this path by providing you with all the tools necessary to fully achieve these goals.

Together, Nothing is Impossible.

🚀 See you onboard!

Interchain Foundation


This platform was built by Promise Protocol with Interchain Foundation’s Sponsorship

Previously published at https://blog.cosmos.network/introducing-cosmos-jobs-board-1d3a7bd7e793


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