Where do YOU think bitcoin's price is heading by the end of the year?

Bitcoin is off to a bleak start in 2024 despite the historic approval of spot exchange traded funds by the US Securities & Exchange Commission. Having already dipped below $40,000 at least once this year, where do YOU think the price of the world's most popular cryptocurrency going to head next?

12% All the way to Andromeda!! {$100K+}

12% To the moooooooon! {$70K+}

23% Up, up and away! {$50k+}

28% Bitcoin will remain where it always has been {$30k to $40k}

18% Down and under {$20k and below}

3% Screw bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies is where it's at! {Let us know in the comments!}

259 Voters

This poll gathered 259 Votes from 29/1/2024 to 29/1/2024.

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