Pokemon or Cryptocurrency?

Can you tell which is which?

With all the new ICOs and cryptocurrencies coming to market, sometimes it can be difficult to know which is a cryptocurrency and which is a Pokemon. Let’s see if you know your stuff:

Question #1 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Gnosis

b) Solosis

a) Gnosis — Cryptocurrency
b) Solosis — Pokemon
Solosis: A butt inside of a bubble

#2— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Dash

b) Rapidash

a) Dash — Cryptocurrency
b) Rapidash — Pokemon
Rapidash: A byproduct of a unicorn-hating arsonist

#3 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Medicalchain

b) Medicham

a) Medicalchain — Cryptocurrency
b) Medicham — Pokemon
Medicham: A strange creature with poofy pants.

#4 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Porygon

b) Paragon

a) Porygon — Pokemon
b) Paragon — Cryptocurrency
Porygon: A polyhedral… bird???

#5 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Elixir

b) Dartrix

a) Elixir — Cryptocurrency
b) Dartrix — Pokemon
Dartrix: An owl with a bow-tie and a sweet 90s haircut

#6— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Ignis

b) Gligar

a) Ignis — Cryptocurrency
b) Gligar — Pokemon
Gligar: A scorpion Bat

#7 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Granite

b) Granbull

a) Granite — Cryptocurrency
b) Granbull — Pokemon
Granbull: Half Dumbo the Elephant, half Spike the bulldog from Bugs Bunny

#8— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Primulon

b) Primarina

a) Primulon — Cryptocurrency
b) Primarina — Pokemon
Primarina: If a mermaid and a seal had a baby

#9 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Ocow

b) Oshawott

a) Ocow — Cryptocurrency
b) Oshawott — Pokemon
Oshawott: If Hello Kitty made a panda with a comfy sweater

#10— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Ditto

b) Jiyo

a) Ditto — Pokemon
b) Jiyo — Cryptocurrency
Ditto: Most likely made of Nickelodeon’s Gak

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