Hackernoon logoPOC Bot #1 Up 31.5% in 5 Hours – 3% Max Drawdown by@jare

POC Bot #1 Up 31.5% in 5 Hours – 3% Max Drawdown

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@jareJarett Dunn

https://jare.cloud Accelerating as a Service, Dropout Turned #Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate!

With nearly 31 BTC notional traded in recent memory, this bot Proof Of Concept even survived last night’s dump and subsequent pump and ended up 6% ROI after all was said and done. Aweo!
The competing bot with like logic – less one indicator to confirm – lost a good 5% ROI during that dump & pump. Less risk = more reward, in this sense!
This bot’s performance at 20x leverage on Binance Futures is defined by it’s subroutines, finding price action among an index vs. another index (sorry can’t divulge more because of NDA) then acting when it’s doubly confirmed by a volume and a price volatility indicator. For the win!
The best news? This bot’s creator (who shall remain unnamed for the time being, until he decides to come to light…) will be charging a monthly subscription fee of $59 USDT – and $10 USDT of that goes to affiliate referrers, indefinitely!
Sign up for our Telegram bot chat room here, to discuss eligibility for coming onboard this bot in it’s alpha v1.0 form or starting to refer people to it for your own fun & profit!
In more detail, let’s look at the most recent hour’s graph of delta on delta…
Recovering from a 1.5% loss when it entered into a larger position, it’s slowly climbed from there – reaching a whopping 31.5% delta and a current +0.617 BTC position.
Running this bot on other balances with other risk factors has been enlightening – following a liquidation of a small balance at 125x in a dump a few nights ago, the safer bets have been on smaller leverage and smaller order sizes.
For the win!

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