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PixEOS: New Tokenized Art And Game Platform on EOS

What is pixEOS?

From what I can gather, pixEOS is like a mash-up of R.A.R.E Art, EOS Pixel Master and BetDice.

Don’t Know What Pixel Master is?

Remember that teenager who created the Million Dollar Homepage and raised a million dollars in the process of having people pay for ad space on a website? Pixel Master is like the futuristic blockchain art equivalent of the Million Dollar Homepage.

Here’s what the Million Dollar Homepage looked like:


Here’s what EOS Pixel Master looked like:

EOS Pixel Master was a wildly successful tokenized art project which has now ended. Early adopters earned a good amount of EOS and people quickly got addicted to the idea of winning the EOS pot by painting pixels, which collected on the hour.

PixEOS aims to pick up where Pixel Master left off, but build a sustainable tokenomic system that goes far beyond just one Pixel Master-esque game.

Here’s what Dmitriy Perelstein of White Rabbit had to say recently about PixEOS:

“I am excited about it because PixEOS is a project that sprung to existence as an insane combo of Pixel Master on steroids, BetDice on coke and Super Rare on red bull. PixEOS literally took the best tokenomics concepts from these other crypto projects, enhanced them and wrapped them in one innovative product.” -White Rabbit

PixEOS will introduce its first game in January 2019. PixEOS just launched its website yesterday, so take a look: https://www.pixeos.io/

It’s a pretty sexy website:

Who is PixEOS For?


PixEOS will have something for everyone because people can earn pixEOS tokens by staking, playing games and participating in contests. So even if you’re not a creative person, there are plenty of ways to earn pixEOS.

The pixEOS team studied two of the most successful projects on EOS, Pixel Master and BetDice, drew inspiration from both and improved upon their game models. PixEOS is community-driven, artist-centric and focused on creating a very sustainable smart economy. A sustainable tokenomic model carves out incentives for everyone, thereby completing the economic loop. Artists, creatives and gamers will be regularly earning the pixEOS tokens, while casual users and investors will be able to earn pixEOS by staking.

Artists will have galleries in which they can sell their works using NFT (non-fungible tokens) and this will drive growth of the platform. Also, there will be an area where people can get art and design services commissioned from artists who are part of the pixEOS community.

The first game that will be launched in January 2019 is called pixEOS Paint Dapp. Get in early because it’s going to blow up, at least that’s what everyone is thinking now.

What About The PixEOS Token?

1,000,000,000 pixEOS is the supply for the pre-sale. There will be a flash pre-sale soon in December 2018 and it’s on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to participate in the pre-sale, join the pixEOS Telegram and you will get assistance there: https://t.me/PIXEOS

Where’s the White Paper?

You can download the White Paper on the pixEOS website, just scroll down to the bottom. It’s in English and Chinese. https://www.pixeos.io/

Who Is Partnering With Pixeos?

Who Founded Pixeos?

Fred Nogueira and Jorge Alcario are the original founders of Pixeos.

How You Can Get Involved With Pixeos

The pixEOS Telegram group is where a lot of the action is. There have already been two art contests with winners getting between 2000 and 8000 pixEOS tokens. Join here: https://t.me/PIXEOS

Some winning art from pixEOS Telegram contests:

Julia K. Ponsford

Twitter is another place where you can get involved with pixEOS, as voting takes place in polls: https://twitter.com/eos_pix

Like all strange and wonderful things, I have no idea how I stumbled into the pixEOS Telegram channel when there were just 4 of us in there. From 4 to 274……..to the moon!

collage by Stellabelle

To me, pixEOS feels like the Burning Man of EOS. https://www.pixeos.io/

PixEOS Official Links:

Website: https://www.pixeos.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eos_pix
Instagram: https://instagram.com/pixeos.io
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgT-kxHdHnLO3pSFotzHDqw
Giphy: https://giphy.com/channel/pixeos
Steem: https://steemit.com/@pixeos
Trybe: https://trybe.one/members/pixeos/blog/

pixEOS Telegram group: https://t.me/PIXEOS
pixEOS announcement channel: https://t.me/pixeosio
pixEOS China group: 中国社区: https://t.me/pixEOSChina 
pixEOS Korea group: https://t.me/pixEOSKorea
Whitepaper English: https://pixeos.io/pdf/pixeos_1_25_12a_en.pdf Whitepaper Chinese: https://pixeos.io/pdf/pixeos_1_25_12a_cn.pdf

E-mail: team@pixeos.io

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