Pioneers of Tomorrow: Sentrii Clinches Top Prize at's APAC Hackathonby@ishanpandey
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Pioneers of Tomorrow: Sentrii Clinches Top Prize at's APAC Hackathon

by Ishan Pandey3mNovember 16th, 2023
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Sentrii, an undergraduate team, has won the APAC Hackathon, showcasing an AI-powered web extension to fight digital scams. The tool scans website details, smart contracts, and transaction histories to detect fraud, aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 8. The event highlighted the power of AI and Web3 in addressing global challenges and the need for continued innovation in digital security.
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In a stunning display of innovation and technological prowess, the APAC Hackathon has concluded with Sentrii, an undergraduate team, emerging victorious. This prestigious event, part of a collaborative effort between, Singapore Management University, and Melbourne Business School, not only showcased the brightest minds in the region but also underscored the critical role of technology in addressing global challenges.

Sentrii: A Beacon of Innovation in Web3 and AI

Sentrii's groundbreaking solution, a web extension leveraging AI, has set a new standard in the fight against digital scams. Focused on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, their tool uses AI to scan website details, smart contracts, and crypto wallets' transaction histories. This innovative approach targets the deceitful use of 'verified' badges, the spread of bogus "airdrop" campaigns, and the promotion of scam tokens, providing an early detection system for fraud in the Web3 space.

A Competition Beyond Coding: Shaping the Future Leaders

The APAC Hackathon was more than a coding competition; it was a platform for emerging talents to harness the transformative abilities of Web3 and AI. By participating, individuals positioned themselves at the forefront of meaningful change, contributing to a brighter, more secure digital future.

Rewarding Visionary Ideas

The hackathon, culminating during the Singapore FinTech Festival week, saw finalists vying for significant cash prizes. Sentrii took home the first prize of USD $20,000, with Tree Trek and Bro_Code winning the first and second runner-up positions, bagging USD $10,000 and $5,000, respectively. Other finalists also received a reward of $1,000 each, bringing the total prize money to USD $44,000.'s Vision: A Transformative Digital Future

This event reflects's commitment to fostering an inclusive digital future. With over 80 million customers since its inception in 2016, the company's mission, "Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™," is evident in its push for regulatory compliance, security, and privacy in the digital landscape.

Impacting Global Challenges and Fostering Innovation

The hackathon's focus on leveraging technology for social good aligns perfectly with the global pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals. It highlights the potential of AI and Web3 in creating solutions that are not just technologically advanced but socially conscious and globally impactful.

Addressing the Pressing Challenge of Digital Scams Through Innovation

The conclusion of this hackathon marks a significant milestone in addressing one of the most pressing challenges in the digital age: the rampant rise of digital scams. In an era where technology permeates every aspect of life, the risk of digital fraud has escalated, necessitating innovative solutions. The problem of deceitful online practices, such as the misuse of 'verified' badges, phishing links in "airdrop" campaigns, and the spread of fraudulent tokens, poses a threat to the integrity and trust in the digital ecosystem.

The winning solution, an AI-powered web extension capable of scrutinizing website details, smart contracts, and transaction histories, underscores the critical role of technology in combating these issues. This tool represents a leap forward in early fraud detection and prevention, offering a beacon of hope in safeguarding the digital landscape.

This event's focus on leveraging technology to tackle such a crucial issue serves as a powerful reminder of the potential of innovative minds when directed towards societal challenges. It highlights the necessity for continued focus and investment in technological solutions that not only advance our digital capabilities but also protect and enhance the safety and integrity of our increasingly digital world.

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