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David Smooke

Founder & CEO

Hacker Noon’s Equity Crowdfund Hits $224k from 91 investors in less than 2 days.

Consider tweeting the good word, or hodling shares in Hacker Noon.

For the first time, Hacker Noon is raising money and we’re doing it from the community. Participate in Hacker Noon’s equity crowdfund today!

We want to reward early investors and believers. The campaign launched on Monday afternoon and Hacker Noon is offering a share price discount until 11:59 pm Friday (11/9).

THANK YOU to a couple of our early Investors: Garry Tan, Rebe Wheeler, ‏ Elving Rodriguez, Geoffrey Mahugu‏, Carson Gibbons, Prahalad Belavadi, & Ramón Cacho‏.

What makes Hacker Noon truly stand out is the fact that we are independent & community-driven. We live in the beautiful internet space between corporate blogs and the New York Times — providing honest and unfettered stories and opinions written by real tech professionals.

We made Hacker Noon into a staple of tech media with a lean team and we are primed to expand. Our goal is to build a new infrastructure that is optimized for how people use and want to use Hacker Noon. Without this new infrastructure, Hacker Noon as you know it might cease to exist.

Help us make the best place for tech professionals to publish.

What’s equity crowdfunding?
Equity crowdfunding was made possible by the 2015 Jobs Act. Now, private companies can sell real shares to the public for as little as $100. We are running our equity crowdfund through StartEngine. Their CEO Howard Marks has been a longtime Hacker Noon contributing writer.

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