OSCON has a big deal for independent consultants and freelancers by@rroumeliotis

OSCON has a big deal for independent consultants and freelancers

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Rachel Roumeliotis

Announcing the OSCON 2017 ‘INDIE’ 50% off discount code

Open source software creates entire industries

All industry nowadays is built one line of code at a time by one developer then another and another. Those software developers come from 10,000+ developer strong enterprises, burgeoning startups with three and a half people and independent consultancies or freelancers. It takes these three pillars to create a healthy and growing industry. And, it is those independent spirits that I’m talking to now, come closer to the screen, yes, you.

Open source is a career maker

Often times the catalyst for change is a consultant or freelancer that comes in with a radical (or possibly not so radical) idea to jumpstart or reignite a company by contributing to open source or open sourcing proprietary code. Big business (open source, for that matter) wouldn’t be what it is today with out these independent thinkers, these voices that encourage you (with concrete data showing why, of course) to take a chance on a new business model, a new way of doing things. So, we want to make sure that we have your important voices at OSCON.

Open source needs your voice

We are happy to announce a 50% discount on bronze passes for developers who are independent consultants and freelancers. Just use the word “INDIE” at OSCON checkout to get said discount. Come on by and inject open source with some new ideas and grab some new business while you are in Austin, TX!
I hope to see you there!
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