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Online Hackathon to Make the Web More Fun for the Billions Stuck at Home

If nothing else, we’ve learned by way of pandemic both the strength of our Internet and how many tools are left to build. As developers, we are in an exciting position to set the standards of our new normal and lay tracks toward the next frontier. This weekend, we are hosting our first Pioneer Hackathon, an attempt to provide community for those in isolation and a bit of prize-fueled, productive fun to fight global cabin fever.

Help upload the real world to the Internet. Work on something to make the experience of working on the web more fun for the billions staying at home. Overlay heart-rate on Zoom calls. Improve video conferencing quality. Build a Tandem competitor, one for friends rather than coworkers. The stage is yours.

We begin this Saturday, at 11 am PT. Over the course of 24 hours, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a number of events we regularly host online: expert AMAs, Feedback Sessions, and Meals. We’re also experimenting with a few new forms: Mini hacks with prizes, Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, Minecraft @ Midnight and real-time project voting.

The best projects, chosen by experts, your fellow hackers and us, will get a chance to present their work in front of a panel of judges, live streamed to the world. Judges include Zeit CEO Guillermo Rauch, Repl.it CEO Amjad Masad, former Khan Academy R&D Lead and iOS builder Andy Matuschak and Tandem CEO Rajiv Ayyangar, among others.

There is a prize pool of $5k cash and over $150,000 in developer credits for the top three projects. Everyone participating receives free Repl.it for three months. Most importantly, you’ll get the chance to meet hackers from around the world — over 50 countries currently represented.

There is palpable energy in physical conference centers that is easily lost when home alone, scrolling through a project feed. We aim to bring that energy to the web, in a 24 hour online hackers’ palace.

Sign up here: https://pioneer.app/hackathon.

Jackson & the Pioneer Team


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