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Online Advertising in The Time of The Consumer Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD)

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AI-powered contextual computer vision ad platform that monetizes any visual content

Wikipedia characterizes ADHD symptoms as "difficulty paying attention, excessive activity, and acting without regards to consequences." [1]

As we all live in times when not only new generations, but older ones are prone to the syndrome, how to promote and make money on online advertising?

How to gain consumer attention with ad blindness on the rise?

How to respond to this consumer trend that negatively affects every online business?Β 

Hi everyone! For those of you who don't know me already, I'm Pavel Shkliaev, a CEO & Founder of LensAI. LensAI is a tech startup that offers a business-to-business service to monetize both image and video content. The LensAI Technology allows our Publishing Partners to earn money for ad impressions that are displayed in an innovative format using PiP (picture-in-picture) placement.

If you have not read my previous articles about LensAI, here are the links for your convenience:

The Fight for Attention: The Most Recent LensAI Technology Results

I hasten to share the results of LensAI Technology that we've got through our combat testing. I call it "combat" as we did it without including the last module, which focuses on the similarity and relevance of the products. (We are currently testing it and optimizing products from the most significant marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.)

The videos below show how LensAI Technology analyzes graphic content on TechCrunch and Mashable sites. Notice how the new "money dot" advertising format is placed straight into detected objects.Β 

Both videos are fresh from the oven. The first video shows the processing of images and placement advertising dots in images,

and the second one shows the processing of video and placing of advertising dots in it.Β 

Here’s a quick recap of how LensAI technology works. Firstly, it identifies an object, and then it moves to identify either a product category or an advertising category if the object is not associated with e-commerce. After that, it identifies a specific product that is available among various marketplaces.Β 

It might look as simple as one-two-three to you, but a whole bunch of analyses takes place, starting from the context analysis and ending with the analysis of the scene in the frame/image. Also, the influence each piece has over each other piece is incredible β€” what a thick layer of AI we've built. #proudofmyteam

Finally, we are approaching the moment of transition from technology to product and first investments.

Money Dot: As You Name the Boat, So Shall It Float

In developing LensAI ad format and testing it among our followers, we decided to stick with the "Money Dot" name for it. We came across it in the dialog with one of our followers.

Here's how he convinced us:

The end-user who clicks on the ad is not interested in, how you name your advertising format. Also, as Advertisers are not likely to use LensAI Technology to sell their products directly, the name "Sales Dot" is not quite suitable.
I see that LensAI Technology's primary users include Affiliate Networks, Content Delivery Networks, Webmasters, and Arbitrageurs. They are the ones that will sell those products for Advertisers through their sites, and they care about two things mostly.
The first one is how much money your advertising dots will help them to earn. The second one is whether, and how, the advertising dots will affect the quality of their sites. Therefore, go with "Money Dot

Join Us. If You Do Not, Won't Somebody Else?

If you recognize yourself within these lines, you are welcomed to join the closed beta testing group at Producthunt

LensAI benefits its Publishing Partners by:

  • placing ads in previously unused places that have the highest audience response,
  • selecting advertising based on both content analysis and analysis of objects found in that content, based on similarity and relevance.

Also, all early joiners will get the most out of it. Why? Because nothing catches the eye better than something you have never seen before.Β 

It is a well-known fact that Advertisers want to get a higher return on investment. For this reason, LensAI Technology allows Advertisers to choose not only the site where its products will be displayed, but also the specific type of content and objects in the selected content. That is to say the likelihood of purchasing those products, by users who view the content, rises dramatically.

Publishers, in turn, get an innovative way to monetize the content that they have not monetized before. I want to stress that by using LensAI Technology, Publishers do not lose their existing earnings by using other types of online advertising. LensAI "Money Dots" do not occupy any existing ad slots and can co-exist with other types of ads.Β 

It's time to wrap up. Don't hesitate to subscribe to our updates and follow us. As we have moved to the stage of optimizations and technology improvements, it's time for us to attract the attention of end-users. I and LensAI Team thank you for your interest.

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