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One Tool to Rule Your SEO and Social Media Marketing Efforts

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Uprank is a digital marketing software that allows business owners to take charge of SEO, and manage engagement on social media — using just one tool which can be automated. Will this be relevant to your business? Or is it just another SEO tool our there? We’ll take a brief look at this tool and you’ll see for yourself if it’s just what you’re looking for or not.

Long before now, there has been so much buzz in the digital marketing space about how SEO and a strong social media presence can deliver consistent traffic and sales for business owners. From all conceivable perspectives, this seems to be true. But the problem is that not many entrepreneurs know how to work this to their advantage. Even fewer have taken advantage of this reality as they would rather focus on something else that they’re more in the zone with.

Does this mean that there aren’t plenty of digital marketing tools in the market? Hardly. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of them out there; but in this article, we take a look at Uprank — a brainchild of a serial entrepreneur, Tanuj Moorjani, and Altaf Hussain. What does it bring to the market? And is it worth a marketer’s time?

Uprank Was Designed to Help Businesses Maximize Desired Digital Marketing Results

This software was launched in 2016 as a free SEO tool with the intention of helping business owners attain greater productivity in less time. And in the last 3 years of its existence, this SEO tool has been used by thousands of marketers and businesses around the world.

But from what’s observable, the tool appears to be improving, still. Uprank founders say they will continue to work on the tool to make it better than it was when they started out. Not new to the ever-changing dynamics of Google’s algorithm and in the digital marketing sphere, they maintained that there is still ongoing work to make this tool serve targeted users better.

In the words of Tanuj Moorjani, Uprank co-founder “Thing is, we get it: The average online consumer is becoming a lot more difficult to reach and convert. This is why we have been working extra smart (behind the scenes) to wow users with a sophisticated tool that’s efficient and easy to use”

Explaining further, he quickly drew attention to the positive metamorphosis the software has undergone in the last couple of years. “Compared to what it was in 2016,” he continued “Uprank is now an SEO and social media powerhouse; an ideal all-in-one digital marketing tool for monitoring and managing the organic growth of your web and social media traffic.

So, What Can Businesses Do with the New Uprank?

First, the tool is currently accessible to anyone who wants to check things out. It took me about 2 minutes to sign up and get a feel of the user interface.

However, the most popular features of Uprank anyone can notice upon getting on board its platform include but aren’t limited to the following:

Tracking and Improving Performance

Too little information in the hands of a business owner translates to decreased ability to successfully manage a business’ web performance. To solve this problem, the makers of Uprank say they were motivated to create a tool which delivers detailed insight; identifies SEO issues; and nips them in the bud before they affect a site’s health and growth.

Webpage Optimization Through SEO Audit

Google’s ranking algorithm keeps evolving all the time. So, it’s not uncommon to see your site’s ranking nosedive without warning. That said, Uprank is billed to have an SEO audit aspect which was designed for one major purpose: to help the user stay ahead of the game by keeping the user’s webpages optimized for search engines.

Competitor Observation

Knowledge is power, right? Exactly! It appears users can get a real-world view of their website’s performance by comparing their webpages with that of their biggest competitors on Google; their top 10 competitors, for instance. “This is made possible by access to deep insights obtainable from the user’s dashboard which can be studied and utilized in ranking higher than competitors.” Say the founders. This captures the intended meaning of the tool’s name — Uprank.

In a Nutshell

This brief spotlight on this SEO tool cannot be covered in a simple article like this. However, we noticed that this software had been in existence for three years now and has been largely free up to the moment of this writing. We’d like to read your thoughts about Uprank. But to be able to come up with an opinion, you will need to sign up for a tour of this SEO tool.

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