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New Token Usage - Demonstration Token

by BitFrenApril 27th, 2018
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You have heard that Bitcoins, ETH and other coins can function as many things, most prominently:

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You have heard that Bitcoins, ETH and other coins can function as many things, most prominently:

  • Currency
  • Asset/Equity
  • Utility
  • Governance

Here we would like to propose a new kind of usage for crypto tokens — a Demonstration Token.

Purpose of Demonstration Token

The purpose of a demonstration token is for a group of people to express to the world their position, feelings or thoughts on certain matters of importance. The amount of the token that get distributed or the value attained by the token correspond to how strongly felt is the viewpoint as described by the purpose of that token.

It is something like a street demonstration, but now in the form of voting via a cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is

  • pseudonymous — Anonymous up to wallet address.
  • convenient and global —The entire world is your street, you can demonstrate from anywhere in the world. It is, therefore, nonviolent and safe.
  • valuable — Your vote is valuable, literally. The more people are demonstrating their view via the token, the more valuable it becomes.
  • mobility —The possibility of value appreciation in the token increases the motivation for people to express their views, thus solving the problem of low participation in most polls and surveys.
  • go-to platform for demonstration — Blockchain is beyond the control of any centralized organisations in the world, so the demonstration tokens could become the go-to platform to demonstrate and express our feelings on major events in the world.

Let’s call this cryptodemonstration.