Object-Oriented Databases And Their Advantagesby@sandeepmishratech
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Object-Oriented Databases And Their Advantages

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Firstly, We discussed the basic definition of object-oriented databases. An object-oriented database is a type of database system that deals with the modeling and creation of data as objects. Later, we discussed object-oriented databases and their examples, features like following ACID properties, recovery, query language, transparent persistence, and database caching. Then we know the popular Object-Oriented Database Management Systems. Then we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of object-oriented databases. In brief, some advantages are extensibility, Expressive, Supportive, database caching, and Enriched modeling capabilities. In brief, some disadvantages are Competition, Complexity, Lack of support for views,  security, Lack of standards, Lack of experience, and Lack of a universal data model. We also discussed some characteristics of object-oriented databases. We learned about each of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Object-oriented Database Management Systems in brief.
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