No time to read? Just listen! by@ma7moudfelfel

No time to read? Just listen!

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We converted 7,000 Medium articles from text to speech

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How many times have you wanted to read an article but didn’t have time for it? Or maybe reading was not the best convenience there was. Wouldn’t it be great if you could, with a click of a button be able to listen to any article?

Now you can! with PLAY — a service that narrates Medium articles for you! It turns articles into podcast like narrations that you can listen to while commuting, eating, running, or doing your errands.

We believe it’s the simplest, yet most convenient way of getting information, especially if you are like us who gets easily distracted or finds it difficult to keep up with long pieces of information, you can just go ‘earphones on & world off’ mode and let PLAY read it for you!

We are building PLAY to provide you with on-demand accessibility to any information in audio form that sounds as natural and as human as possible.

Our efforts towards achieving this have shown remarkable responses from users all around the world.

We’ve had over 7000 articles narrated, 17,000 minutes listened and 45 million characters converted from text to speech!

We just launched the website 4 days ago on PH, and at the time of writing this article, users have listened to over 70 hours of articles.

Give us an upvote if you like the idea ;)

On our website, you can search for authors, or articles from Medium, and other popular blogs and websites and create your very own custom playlist. You can save this playlist and let PLAY read it for you on your mobile device later.

We have also built a Chrome extension that fits perfectly in your browser to enhance your Medium experience. You can use this extension to listen to Medium articles simply by playing them in a tab while you go about doing your work in others.

One of the most used feature of the extension is that it turns your Medium bookmarks into a playlist. Just play one article from your bookmarks’ list and it will automatically play all your bookmarked articles!

Feel free to leave a comment if you’re interested to know more about our upcoming features, or if you have any feedback or suggestions.

We cannot thank David Smooke enough who gave us this opportunity to share PLAY with you all on Hackernoon!

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