No Sound on Windows 10? Here's the Fixby@waqarhussain
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No Sound on Windows 10? Here's the Fix

by January 14th, 2021
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Guide can help you restore and repair no sound on Windows 10 using a few simple tricks of the trade. Just follow this easy guide to get you going.
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If your Windows 10 PC is having no sound issues, then most likely it’s a sure sign of a misconfigured software setting or at worst is a hardware malfunction. This tutorial is going to address the two problems that cause this ever so annoying common issue to occur.

To fix the problem, first make sure that Windows 10 is working correctly
by performing a few simple tasks.

Troubleshoot No Sound on Windows 10

Power down your computer manually.

Power up your computer manually.

Uninstall any unused applications.

Check your sound settings

Update your audio driver

Open device manager, check to make sure sound card is functioning.

Troubleshooter: Log into a different user, experiment with sound.

Power down your computer

Step 1: manually by closing all open applications and holding you finger on the power button of your Windows 10 computer until the pc is completely turned off.

Power up (turn on) your computer

Step 2: Turn on your computer manually by pushing the power button until your computer turns back on.

Uninstall unused applications

Step 3: Navigate to your control panel and find your way to the “programs and features” >> uninstall programs and diligently removed unwanted/unused applications that may be hindering issues with your Windows 10 sound.

Check your sound settings

Right-click the sound icon located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and then click “Playback devices.”

In the Playback tab, verify a green check-mark on the Speakers iconMeaning: Illustrates your speakers are the default playback device.

If the Speakers icon is not checked green and set as the default, then you’ve found your problem.

To fix the issue, click the speaks icon until it highlights blue, then click Set Default, click OK and check if you’ve recovered your Windows 10 sound.

If your still having Sound issues and the Speakers icon is set as the default playback device, then it’s time to experiment with sound formats.

To do this, click the Speakers icon until it highlights blue, then click the Properties button.

Next: Locate the Advanced tab >> Default Format segment >> select a different sample rate and bit depth, then click Test
Repeat this process until you find a format that works, then click OK

If you’re still having No Sound on Windows 10 then make your way to the next step >> Update sound driver.

Update Sound Drivers

You can update Windows 10 audio driver by searching for your Windows device manager, locating your sound controller and updating your drivers manually

Click on the >> Sound, video and game controller then clicking on each one of the sub controllers individually.

Once the tab is open, locate the Driver tab, click the update driver button.

Alternative Option:
Go to your computers manufacture and download updates from their driver database.