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New Year, New Me-morable Stories

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Take inspiration from one of the 50+ writing templates to get started writing your next story. Write about a technology everyone uses and why they should be wary. Take a look at past top stories and brainstorm story ideas from the following angles: your Twitter thread, your technical expertise and your perspective on current events. Aim to create a top story that's also evergreen content, like a quick tutorial about the last thing you learned and how you’ve learned in Java Algorithms.
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Hey Hackers,

A huge Happy New Year from the HackerNoon team. We hope 2022 was kind to you and that 2023 treats you even better.

To get your writing started off strong this year, we want to highlight a couple of the best features we built last year that you should definitely play around with.

AI-powered image generation

Original featured images are always better. While we still have the free stock photo integrations available, you should definitely try our stable diffusion image generator we’ve built into the editor. This tool allows you to generate original images. In the featured image uploader, simply click on Stable Diffusion and test it out on your next article.

Interlinking suggestions

It’s important in every article to link to one or two other HackerNoon articles that are relevant to your piece. This helps other contributors get more views and strengthens the HN domain as a whole. This will in turn help your articles rank better. If you’ve written other stories that fit the context of your newest piece, be sure to link to those as well.

To make internal linking easier, in Editor 3.0 we’ve added link suggestions. All you have to do is highlight the text you want to hyperlink and click the hyperlink button on the right.

Once you do that, an input field will appear. Type in the text you are hyperlinking and it’ll show a list of some of the best (and latest) articles on HackerNoon relevant to that word:

All you need to do is click the suggestion you like best and voila! It’s hyperlinked.

Want to test these features out right away? Start your next article:

  1. Tell us how your year went and any resolutions you have for 2023
  2. Teach us to live smarter this year, share your life hacks
  3. Help us get rich this year; what stocks are you bullish or bearish on?

A New Place to Follow HackerNoon and Share Your Work

We’re always looking for new platforms to help distribute your stories. Twitter has been through a lot this year. Who knows what’s in store for the little blue bird that’s carrying the burdens of a billionaire tech diva? Just in case the worst happens, and the blue bird flies into a clear window, we’re looking for Twitter alternatives.

One that we’re loving so far is Mastodon. It’s always good to further your reach on the web, so we recommend you all reserve your handles on this platform and follow us on Mastodon for updates!

That’s all folks! We wish you all the best in 2023 and are looking forward to reading the amazing stories you come up with this year. Cheers.


The HackerNoon Editorial Team