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New Browser from CCleaner: Hot Or Not?

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If you are thinking of browsing the Internet privately and securely on your Windows computer then its time you rethink about your web browser.

Do you think incognito mode really helps you?

It does, but up to a certain level only. Moreover, what about your Autofill data?

Don’t you think that’s getting compromised by dangerous malware attacks?

If you are tired of all these issues and need a single solution then I present you a safe and secure browser, called CCleaner. There are some other programs better than ccleaner for PC cleaning but let’s take a look on its browser.

In this article I am going to go over the complete CCleaner browser review. It is one of the best browser cleaner for windows 10 with multiple advanced features.

CCleaner Browser Review

Piriform has released the CCleaner browser which is a Chromium-based web browser. Since, Chromium is open source.

It is very similar to how Google Chrome looks like which is also a Chromium based web browser.

Note: At the time of writing this article, the application is only available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Browser Installation

For completing this web browser’s review, we will start from the installation part.

You will need to go to official website and download ccleaner browser. After downloading the setup file, run it and you should see the installation setup window.

Here you will need to click on options and perform a custom install.

Choose your preferred language and make sure you choose the right browser for CCleaner Browser installer to import all your data from. Add your shortcuts as you prefer.

Next, press Accept and Install.

The CCleaner Browser installation will complete its setup.

At the time of writing this article, the current version of CCleaner Browser is version 83.

After the installation gets completed successfully you should see the browser opens up with a CCleaner window claiming the browser to be safer, more private and upto 4x faster. Click on finish setup and your CCleaner browser has been completely installed on your computer.

CCleaner Browser controls your Music & Videos

Very similar to Google Chrome web browser, CCleaner browser too has a small button that helps you to control your favorite music and videos over the Internet.

With the capability of understanding several universal codecs, this browser will show you the icon on the top right side of the window.

With its default setting, you can click the icon to rewind or fast forward your favorite music or video 5 seconds per click. It also offers a pause button.

CCleaner Browser Stealth Mode

Just like Google Chrome’s incognito mode, CCleaner comes with a Stealth Mode which is basically its incognito mode.

You can browse the Internet much more privately from here. CCleaner browser clears the website you visited, your searches made and cookies once you close the Stealth Mode window.

It also blocks tracking scripts from recording your movements done over the Internet.

Once you close all Stealth Mode Windows, CCleaner browser clears your temp files and downloaded history.

Unlike any other web browser, CCleaner browser has anti-tracking and anti-phishing features enabled by default, once you start the stealth mode. Meaning websites and ad networks cannot follow you and dangerous websites cannot spoof you into acquiring your personal information.

CCleaner Browser Security and Privacy Center

This is one of the best features provided by Piriform. CCleaner browser is most noted and downloaded by users because of this feature.

You can find this by locating a shield-like blue colored button on the top right-side of the window or press the three dots to find the option Security & Privacy Center.

It contains 9 different features to let you browse the Internet safely and securely without any hassles.

9 Advanced Features of CCleaner Browser

The CCleaner browser review stays incomplete if this part is not covered upto the depth.

We will look at all its features in Ccleaner browser review.


With the latest version of anti-fingerprinting technology, i.e. version 2.2, CCleaner browser can disguise your unique browser fingerprint. It prevents websites from identifying and tracking you without your consent.

Meaning you can surely avoid irritating ads that get targeted to you all over from the Internet, once you visit a website.


An adblock is required to prevent advertisements from loading on your webpages that you visit. That helps in a better and richer user-experience. In a way having a built-in adblock feature allows for more private web browsing as well.

Advertisers always track users across multiple different websites, to collect data about your likes and dislikes. That data then gets sold to 3rd parties, which then show you targeted advertising.

In this process your browsing behavior gets compromised.

CCleaner browser’s in-built adblock feature prevents you from getting tracked.

You can also visit the advanced settings and manage your adblock settings, apply 3rd party filters, and create your own custom set of filters and rules.

Anti Phishing

Anti-Phishing is a crucial requirement when you browse the Internet. It is the first line of defense for you when browsing the Internet.

CCleaner browser checks every website against all unsafe sites and keeps you safe by blocking dangerous websites from installing harmful software on your computer.

You can also click on the Threat Report to see a detailed statistics of the total number of elements scanned.

CCleaner Browser Anti Tracking

All over the Internet, advertisers and analytics companies always watch your browsing history. Trying to anticipate your likes and dislikes. This data gets stored and may be used by the advertiser itself or can get sold to 3rd parties.

These advertisers or 3rd party companies then follow you and keep bombarding you with targeted advertisement.

CCleaner browser’s anti-tracking feature protects your privacy by using a Do Not Track mechanism.

Stealth Mode

As explained earlier the Stealth Mode in this browser acts just like the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome.

It also enables Anti-Tracking and Anti-Phishing features by default.

CCleaner Browser Password Managers

CCleaner provides a default password manager just like any other web browser. It also offers two distinct password managers – Dashlane and LastPass.

These password managers provide unique strong passwords for every website you log into. Letting you free from remembering multiple different passwords for different websites.

CCleaner Browser Extension Guard

Extensions are useful as they offer you small tools required for your daily Internet browsing activities. But, they also allow doors for hackers and other exploits over the Internet.

CCleaner Browser prevents untrusted extensions from getting installed on your web browser and allows you to freely install safe and trusted ones.

Most of the add-ons or plugins available on the Google Web Store can be installed as extensions on the CCleaner Web Browser.

Privacy Cleaner

Privacy cleaning is the fastest way to protect your privacy and clean your browser from all the jun and clutter.

Junk like browsing history, cached images, cookies, history, etc. should be cleaned time and again.

Just like Google Chrome, CCleaner Browser also offers a privacy cleaner that can perform the basic and advanced cleaning of your web browser.

Webcam Guard

By allowing websites to access your camera is putting lot of trust into that website.

Those sites can misuse that privilege to spy on you. CCleaner’s webcam guard allows you to decide which site needs to be given access to your PC camera temporarily or permanently.

It is better to stay in control than to not know what is happening through your web browser.

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