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Negligent Indian Startups

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@febinFebin John James

I booked a PG with Zolo on June 1st. I called their customer service the next day. An agent answered my phone who confirmed the room and asked me to pay the deposit. I paid the deposit through their website. He said I can walk-in anytime on June 6th.

June 6th

I called their customer care and asked if I can check-in today. She said “You can, after you pay first month’s rent”. I paid.

I recently had a surgery on my left knee. I can’t give it much strain. When I walk-in with my heavy bag. The first sentence the property owner uttered was

“Come back on June 10th, Room khali nahi hai. We can’t do anything , It’s Zolo’s mistake they didn’t confirm with us.”

I stayed there, made many calls to their customer service. Every call, I had to wait 5 to 10 minutes to speak to their agent. They say “I will get back to you”. They never called back.

They asked to adjust on the down floor for a few days and we will shift you to another room. The “other room” was not the room I paid for. It doesn’t even have an attached bathroom. I waited for an hour. Now, they are running around for a key. Am not sure if that’s a drama , indirectly asking me to leave the premise.

I contacted Zolo customer care via email (This is mentioned on their website).

The reply was “Thanks for writing to Zolo. However, this is an unmonitored inbox and emails to this account would not receive a response.”

Luckily this is HSR, Bangalore, I have bunch of great friends here who can accommodate me.

But, I wonder what if it was someone else, Who was new to Bangalore? The poor guy would be helpless.

These startups run behind growth and don’t give a shit about customer experience.

Update : An agent from Zolo customer desk called and sorted out the issue. He apologised on behalf of the entire organisation. He has promised me such events will never happen again. I analysed the situation and have written another story on how this could have been prevented here.


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