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My Review of a MIRROR That Helps You Work Out

The MIRROR is a “smart device”, IoT, or “Imitic” It is a piece of hardware that connects to the internet. The installation process was extremely quick but the delivery guy was about to leave without anchoring the device to the wall. After using the product for several weeks, I decided to publish a review of my experience with this luxury, home fitness product. The entire process is only a series of about 5 steps; however, this does not imply that the installation will be quick and painless.
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If you are a full-time remote worker, like me, you will relate to the following statement: I sit on my ass WAY too much! With a recent increase in cash flow, I decided to dive headfirst into the home fitness world and purchase a MIRROR. At the time of purchase, the primary competing product was the Peloton bike; however, the MIRROR seemed more enticing because I knew cycling would get old after a couple of weeks. The variety of classes offered by the MIRROR was a key differentiator for me. After using the product for several weeks, I decided to publish a review of my experience with this luxury, home fitness product.

Pre-Purchase Research

Because the MIRROR is a large sum of money, I spent a lot of time researching the web for answers. Unfortunately, searching “mirror” or “mirror fitness” on Google can lead to many unhelpful search results. Scanning the MIRROR’s FAQ section for answers was the best resource for most of my questions. While many of my questions were answered, I had some specific situations I wanted to inquire about. One important question was the deciding factor between having your MIRROR mounted to the wall versus having the MIRROR installed on their custom stand and anchored to the wall. Their customer service line was extremely helpful in swaying me towards the stand + anchoring option. This option is not as aesthetically pleasing, but it damages the wall much less than the mounting option. That was a priority for me since I am a renter. If you expect to move the MIRROR in the near future, I would recommend this option.

Delivery and MIRROR Installation

After purchasing the product, I was directed to choose a delivery date. Once the delivery date was near, I was able to choose a 4-hour window for delivery, which was managed by a 3rd party logistics provider. In my case, it was XP Logistics that handled the delivery and wall installation. The installation process of the MIRROR hardware device was extremely quick (< 30 minutes). It was so fast that the delivery guy was about to leave without anchoring the MIRROR to the wall. Anchoring the device to the wall is critical because it prevents someone from knocking it over.

The distance from where the top of the MIRROR touches the wall to the ground is 64.5 inches. On the ground, the stand is 5 inches from the wall. Not including the stand, the dimensions of the MIRROR are approximately 56.6 inches by 22.5 inches.

Setting up the MIRROR

The MIRROR is a “smart device”, IoT, or [insert another tech buzzword]. This means that the MIRROR is a piece of hardware that connects to the internet. This requires connecting the MIRROR to your home’s WIFI network. The entire process is only a series of about 5 steps; however, this does not imply that the installation will be quick and painless. In my situation, the installation process was extremely frustrating.

After attempting to connect the MIRROR to my WIFI myself, I quickly ran into problems on the final step. I called customer service and was on the line with them for over an hour trying to troubleshoot problems. After trying a million different things, she forwarded my issue to their engineering team.

The engineering team followed up with several emails and a phone call once they figured out a potential fix. At this point, I learned that the engineering team went and bought my exact WIFI router in order to diagnose the issue. Talk about dedication!

Unfortunately, the engineering team’s seemed to solve one issue, but another one presented itself. Soon after this realization, I was back on the phone with their customer service team. I was moments away from initiating the return of the product for a full refund, until the customer service team managed to convince me to give it one more shot. After another 20 minutes of troubleshooting, we were able to figure out the current installation issue and connect my MIRROR.

At this point, you might be wondering why I stuck with the MIRROR installation process. There are three primary reasons why I did not return my MIRROR:

  1. My technical background made it easier to test different situations during the installation process (i.e. changing router settings, app settings, etc.)
  2. MIRROR has a fantastic customer service and engineering team
  3. MIRROR’s customer service team offered several free months of classes for my painful installation experience (>$100 value).

Troubleshooting Tips for Installation (Feel free to skip this section)

  • WIFI Router/Modem Tips
    • Understand how to log into your WIFI router to change its settings

    • Some settings for your WIFI router might only be accessed via desktop and not the mobile app

    • Change WPA/WPA2/WPA3 security settings on your WIFI router

    • Most WIFI routers provide multiple networks: 2.4GHz and 5GHz

    • Know the brand and model of your WIFI router and modem

    • Know how to reset your WIFI router and modem

  • MIRROR App and Phone/Tablet Tips
    • Turn VPN off on your mobile phone/tablet that you are connecting to the MIRROR. VPN disrupts the process.
    • Turn off “auto-connect” to your home WIFI networks on your phone/tablet
    • Try connecting to the MIRROR using a different device (e.g. different mobile phone/tablet)
    • Reset the MIRROR in settings via the mobile app
    • Update the MIRROR via the mobile app
    • Quit the app on your phone each time you start the process over

Customer Service

I spent so much time talking to customer service during my MIRROR installation experience that I felt like I made a new friend. While the installation experience was a pain, I have to commend their customer service and engineering team. They proved to be knowledgeable, patient, and kind throughout the lengthy installation process. If I did not encounter a customer service rep who proved to have all three of those qualities, they would have lost a customer. In the end, they redeemed themselves with a generous discount on the monthly subscription for my experience.

The Mobile App*

All interactions with the MIRROR besides turning it on/off are through their mobile app. Assuming your MIRROR and phone are using the same WIFI, the MIRROR will automatically connect with your mobile app’s profile once you power on the MIRROR. The process of turning on the MIRROR and choosing a class will quickly become second nature — even for the technically challenged users.

The UI/UX in the mobile app was simple and intuitive. The interface has five different tabs (e.g. Home, Classes, Live, Activity, Settings). The Home screen has class recommendations, bookmarked classes you liked, time savers (quick filters for class selections), and community engagements. The Classes tab includes classes grouped by type (e.g. cardio, barre, boxing), programs (e.g. “30-Day Start Strong Program”), and collections (e.g. “In the Mood For: Ultimate Unwind”). The Live tab includes the schedule for live classes. The Activity tab includes a record for which classes you have completed, and the Settings tab includes app configuration options.

*My experience was only using the Android app version. The IOS app could be a better or worse experience.

MIRROR Classes

The class selection is incredible! Other than the obvious cardio and strength classes, MIRROR offers family fun classes, yoga, tai chi, ballet, pilates, and more. Classes are offered as varying degrees of difficulty (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced) and will require a variety of equipment (e.g. no equipment, bands, weights, kettlebell). While all classes are offered as pre-recorded, you also have the option to attend their live classes. They have live classes offered throughout each day and you have the option of adding them to your calendar for reminders. No matter what mood you are in or what type of exercise you desire, there will be a class for you. For those who work full-time remote jobs, I find the stretch classes particularly helpful. For days where I was already exhausted, the restorative yoga sessions were relaxing.

Other Things to Consider

WIFI Speed

Because the MIRROR is a smart device, the speed at which it runs will be heavily dependent on your home WIFI. If you already have issues with internet connectivity on your computer, tablet, or phone then I would consider upgrading your WIFI speed prior to making this purchase. Improvements in WIFI speed can be made via changes to your router settings, purchasing a WIFI extender/mesh system, buying a new router, and/or calling your internet service provider (i.e. the companies you hate most).


Any device that connects to the internet poses a risk of being hacked. If you read one of my previous personal cyber security articles, I suggested using a VPN to hide your identity while surfing the web. Unfortunately, the MIRROR does not work well with VPNs in its current state. However, one of the little things that I loved about the MIRROR is that they provided a free screen blocker for the camera lens. Blocking your camera lenses is an essential personal cyber security behavior.


Perhaps the most attractive thing about the MIRROR is its looks. For those who desire fitness equipment that saves space AND looks good, then this product is perfect for you. My MIRROR looks sleek in my tiny apartment and saves me much-needed space. It also comes in handy to have an extra mirror in your home.


As a data professional, I refuse to extrapolate my frustrating MIRROR installation experience to the average individual’s experience. The mobile app’s software is managed through the cloud so the company can push updates and improvements to the app anytime they desire. There have been several updates since my time of purchase a few months ago. The optimistic version of myself would like to think that my installation situation was an unusual one and that updates to the app will improve user experience over time.

The pessimistic version of myself would recommend future MIRROR, or other smart home fitness equipment, buyers to have one of your “techy” friends on standby to help if you have any issues during installation. That being said, I doubt these situations are unique to MIRROR. Advancements in software often come from iterative improvements and consistent testing over time.

Besides the installation experience, I can honestly say that I have loved the product. It has increased the frequency that I exercise and exposed me to new fitness experiences (e.g. barre lol) that I would have never tried otherwise. I believe this frequency will continue because of the lessons I learned in Atomic Habits, a comprehensive guide on how to create good habits. In Atomic Habits, James Clear offers four steps to creating good habits:

  1. Cue — Make it obvious

  2. Craving — Make it attractive

  3. Response — Make it easy

  4. Reward — Make it satisfying

The MIRROR achieves all four of these steps because it is obvious in my living room, it has a fun variety of classes that are attractive to me, classes can be as short and easy as 15 minutes, and the calorie count/health score gives me the satisfaction of completing a class. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a variety of fitness classes with the flexibility of working out in your home.

PS: If you wish to purchase a MIRROR, please use my referral link to save an additional $200 off on your purchase.


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