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Hackernoon logoMy List of Crypto-Programming Youtube Tutorials by@jare

My List of Crypto-Programming Youtube Tutorials

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@jareJarett Dunn Accelerating by Design, Dropout Now Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate!

A collection of my youtube videos on creating bots for trading, creating smart contracts, building dApps, and integrating with Facebook, Amazon, and eBay APIs

How to create a bot for Bitcoin Trading

How to Test Smart Contracts with Truffle

How to Port a Crypto Trading Bot from Bitmex to Deribit

How to build and use Truffle.js MultiSig contract for Ethereum and all of its network tokens

How to build your own Ethereum Network

Building an SMS chatbot on Twilio tied to Zendesk for ticketing using Python and NLTK

How to build a dApp on Ethereum

Building a payment dApp on Ethereum using truffle framework

How to build an integration with Steemit using Facebooks JS SDK

How to Analyze Ethereum Gas usage and other fees on Blockchain

Building and Backtesting a Trading Bot on Interactive Broker TWS API via QuantConnect

How to use Amazon and eBay APIs to perform automated retail arbitrage


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