My Experience with Blockchain in Decentralized Gaming by@xolam

My Experience with Blockchain in Decentralized Gaming

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My first interaction with Decentralized gaming was with Crypto Kitties.
The game entailed buying, collecting, breeding, and then selling a
virtual cat. Each cat had a unique set of characteristics
(Cattributes) that pass to offspring. The rarer the attributes the
more expensive the cat.

Each player was required to breed a kittie with the rarest features. You
would then profit from breeding and selling unique cats. Some could
get quite expensive, for instance, when I heard dragon I genuinely
went crazy.

Dragon was a crypto kitty that was sold for about
$170,000 in 2018.

It was at this moment that I realized that maybe if
I exerted myself and changed my gaming strategy I could make a
killing from gaming.

I made it my business to find out as much as I could about Blockchain in
gaming and think of new ways to optimize my gaming experience and

The Evolution and its Benefits

The intersection of Blockchain and gaming has always been an interesting
world. In this new world, a lifelike reality is possible in a
virtual world. Thanks to Virtual and Augmented Reality, the gaming
world is likely to get even more integrated with our real-world
experience. I have witnessed a revolution as Blockchain and gaming
have come together to improve both the players' and the developers'

Blockchain is continuing to revolutionize most industries that previously lacked accountability. It achieves this by creating a trustless environment
that facilitates immutable transactions between two strangers over
the internet. The gaming industry is one among many beneficiaries of
the technology in the following ways.

The first benefit is verifiability and transparency. Players need assets
such as cars, guns, and art to complete their mission. Most of these
assets can be purchased with real-world money and earned as the
player progresses. A few years back I had several bad experiences
with untrustworthy game developers who would rig the market. Thanks
to Blockchain, that mischievousness has been curbed. The transactions
are recorded openly and permanently hence the developers cannot
manipulate them.

Secondly, I have witnessed the security of gaming improve tremendously.
Blockchain allows players to easily access assets issued on the different
platforms and establish their exact quantity and scarcity. This has
increased the trust in the gaming world as well as the value of the
marketplace itself.

Blockchain is a highly secure way of storing
value since it is designed to be unhackable. Therefore, storing
digital gaming assets on a Blockchain enhances the security for a
player who has worked hard to collect them.

Thirdly, I witnessed Blockchain revolutionizing the use of collectible items.
Blockchain stores value in the form of NFTs which can represent the
value of game assets that are unique and collectible. NFTs make these
items easy to sell, trade, and store on a digital wallet.

Lastly, we have obvious benefits such as saving time and cost. Gaming
involves players all over the world counterstriking each other.
Blockchain allows them to instantly transfer their assets hence
countering border restrictions and saving time and transactions at
the same time.

Thanks to all these benefits that Blockchain brought to gaming, I have not
only been able to optimize my gaming experience but I have also been
able to earn from a hobby I enjoy so much.


I believe that the future is only brighter and that gamers should pay
close attention to this technology trend. As the intersection between
gaming and Blockchain continues to grow, we should expect to see true
ownership of tradeable in-game assets. We should also expect a more
decentralized gaming economy as more people realize the value that
Blockchain is offering to this industry.

Thirdly, we should expect player-governed titles where the power dynamic will shift and the games will no longer be fully controlled by developers. This will then result in a fair gaming experience where developers can no
longer rig games. Generally, there should be an overall improvement in industry practices.

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