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Bias in AI: a letter to my daughter

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@happybanditsArjan Haring

My dearest Eliisabet,

Only 5 years old, but you will grow up to become a strong, beautiful & independent woman, of that I’m sure.

You are a daughter of a man that wasn’t always an example to others. It took some time for me to grow up & take responsibility for my actions. Being your father has accelerated this process for sure.

My generation seems to be struggling with growing up as well. Especially in the relatively young tech community, and more specific the artificial intelligence community, people are not always taking their responsibilities serious.

Equality is hard work for my non-white & non-male colleagues in both academia and the industry. The current system is biased in many subtle but also in some very obvious ways.

Although the tech community has an huge impact on society it has a reputation of treating diversity with disrespect. As said I might have been part of the problem. But I have also been subjected to abuse of power myself, something that many outsiders sadly will have to endure during their career.

For you and your generation I wish a better tech community.

In 2019 more than ever I aim to speak truth to power. More than ever I would want you to be proud of me. More than ever I hope the tech community would grow up already.


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