My Case for Why You Should Learn Flutter in 2021by@aspiiire
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My Case for Why You Should Learn Flutter in 2021

by AspiiireFebruary 28th, 2021
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You have multiple reasons why should learn Flutter and in this article I will go over some of them.

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👋 HEY, so my goal in this article is to reply to some important questions that usually beginners have with Flutter.

  • Should you learn Flutter?
  • Should you use it or not?
  • When should you not use it?

I’m a web developer with more than 5 years' experience, and I learned Flutter so I can develop applications for multiple platforms at the same time, BUT... I still make websites with Javascript, Node, HTML, etc.

In this article, I’ll give you my personal experience. 😀

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Let’s talk about Flutter since it’s a technology that is getting more popular every day.

  • Should you learn Flutter?
  • When and Why?

Multiple Platforms

If you want to learn a technology that allows you to develop on multiple platforms at the same time then this is for you.nFlutter allows you to develop with the same codebase on multiple platforms, even the Web!

You can develop applications for Android, IOS, TVs, Web, Windows, Linux. And upcoming also for Fuscia!

As you can see it works with all known technologies of today, using it will allow you to write with the same code and ship it for multiple platforms, which is a HUGE benefit in my opinion!

Waste Less Time

If you want to make any change you will not lose time having to build your application but you can see it changed in the same second you save with the hot reload feature.

The most beautiful thing is that you will not even lose the state; so if you are working on the styling of a button after a popup opens you don’t have to reload every time to see the changes!

I have also to add that since you develop for multiple platforms you will have more time free so you can chill out more... Just kidding, programmers never chill out, but maybe you'll have more time learning new technologies 😉

Flutter is FAST

I’m not only referring to the fact that Flutter runs really fast and smoothly even in older devices(!) (I have tried it and I was impressed how it works soo good 🤯), I’m also referring to the fact that with it the development process is really fast compared to all my previous experiences!

How Does it Feel to Work With?

Sooo… Working with it is really enjoyable I have always worked with Web technologies like Js, Node, Sass and all this cool stuff, but Flutter was so cool to work with; probably for its different approach with all those widgets.

But… Here is When and Why You Shouldn’t Learn Flutter

In my opinion, you shouldn’t use Flutter if you want to create something that requires a deep dive into the device stuff. If you need to do that, it is better if you go with the native language, you'll have more open access to the device, or you can create your own packages that do your wanted feature.

Since Flutter works with packages that means that you have to use a package that someone wrote in the native language, or you can write it yourself.

But these are only rare cases, because for the majority of people you can absolutely work with Flutter without any problem.

For example, for websites, I still use Node, JS, HTML, and CSS because I’m obsessed with SEO, so if you're like me and want a perfect performing SEO website and you want to stay in control at the minimum level you can manage fine with Flutter.

Flutter is Backed and Used by Google

Since Flutter is used by Google that means that they rely on it and it will not become an abandoned project, and even the community responded in a positive way.

It is used even in the Fuchsia project, which means that Google will always push it and try to improve it!


That's it! Thanks for reading, let me know what I should improve about my writing or share your opinion about what I have said! In this way we can learn together. 👋🔥🔥🔥

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