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My 3 Must Read Books for Aspiring Startup Founders

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@brianbestBrian Best

Hey, everybody, in this post I’m going to give you three book recommendations that will help you get to becoming an entrepreneur.

Now, this post is more for people that want to get motivation as well as the reasoning why they should be an entrepreneur however if you’re already at that stage maybe give you some pinpoint examples of how you can run your business. I believe in these three books because I’ve used internally to help myself become more motivated in starting up my own two companies.

The first book I’m going to recommend is an oldie but a goodie the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss. Now I would say roughly half of this book is still relevant to most people today the other half to entirely to avoid at all costs. Tim goes into very depth information on definition why you would want to start a company or how you can better-set goals for yourself for not only just the company that you make but for your own life as well. Overall helps you get direction and kind of clairvoyance in where you want to be when you finish up building your company. He does go into other information as well such as automation, ways of making yourself independent, from not only your employer but in your own company itself. Then where the book falls short now is the prescribed information about how to do automated tasks, in that part, you can start skipping over.

My second recommendation is required reading for anyone that wants to be in the startup it’s The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. The tried-and-true method of build, measure, and learn is something that every company should internalize themselves. By using this method, it is a way that any product can get made and become better over time. In my experience, a lot of people will say they do this kind of testing. Usually, its a bullet point in a slide deck or job posting and that’s all. In reading this book internalizing its lessons, you can build a way better product for your company faster then you could have traditionally. That is what the Lean Startup teaches you to figure out

My last book is Zero to One by Peter Teal & Blake Masters, I’m not a fan of Peter’s politics but when it comes to entrepreneurship the guy knows what he’s talking about. In Zero to One Peter and Blake go into what it takes to have creative thoughts and have original ideas that are not readily replicated. I find this book a go to in getting motivation.

Those are my top three books to recommend to anyone that’s looking to become an entrepreneur or to start your own freelance company. anyways let me know what you guys think of this list in the comments below if you got better book recommendation!

Thanks for reading!

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