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An Anthology of Compensation Management Software

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Companies spends millions of dollars to record the wages, bounces, and performance of employees. To reduce this cost, compensation management software helps organizations to plan, manage and execute a
compensation strategy.

As per IBM report, compensation management software reduce payment errors by 90%.
It allows HR managers to manage wages, salaries, and bonus payouts of employees with automated tools.

Features of Compensation Management Software

  • Compensation and salary planning
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Performance Metrics
  • Compliance support
  • Market pricing analytics, compensation research
  • Automated incentive program administration
  • Reward & Recognition Plan
  • Reduced administrative labor & decrease
  • administrative errors
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Workforce’s Clear Picture
  • Self-service access for all employees

Most popular compensation management software
There is a lot of compensation software available in the market and they claim to deliver reliable services. To make it easier which one is best for your organization I have listed 9 best compensation management software.

Let's see the name of the most popular compensation software for your business in 2020.


Compensation software & data company which helps employers to their employees understand the right pay for every position and effectively communicate about compensation. It is helpful for salary bench-marking, talent management, HR consulting, compensation planning, compensation surveys, salary data, survey and much more.


Compport is the cloud-based HR management software that automates various processes and optimizes the work of the HR department. The software helps employers and HRs to manage the performance of employees with automated tools. Compport brings the most effective solution to review salary and budget plans with the right resources in the right proportion.

Ultimate Software

A leading global provider of cloud-based human capital management solution which delivers HR, payroll, talent management, labor management, performance management, benefits management and much more.

Oracle HCM Cloud

It offers complete SaaS application suites for ERP, HCM, and CX, database platform, etc. Built with the AI-first approach, the software induces faster and smarter decision making.


Best software for financial management, HR, human capital management, and analytics applications.


Award-Winning Compensation Management Software for performance management, content management, applicant tracking etc.


A popular compensation management platform for all businesses which helps with localized search, employee compensation, benchmarking, jobs library, forecasting, insights and more.


Cloud-based compensation management tool for compensation calculation, market data, market pricing, plan modeling, compensation statements, survey management, etc.


Stress-free cloud-based HR software solution for talent management, employee engagement surveys, payroll, workplace planning, etc.


Now you can choose the best software from the above-mentioned solutions as per your business requirements. So, which compensation management software are you planning to use for your business?

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