Moon Rabbit's Trading Volume Exceeded $10M Following Its Listing On Uniswap by@moonrabbit

Moon Rabbit's Trading Volume Exceeded $10M Following Its Listing On Uniswap

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Moon Rabbit

Through Crypto We Seek Immortality

Moon Rabbit has finally entered the market, and within a day after its listing on Uniswap, the trading volume exceeded $1 million and passed $10 million three weeks later.

It is especially impressive if you remember that Moon Rabbit is not another “money printing machine” — it is a niche project with a very specific practical application. But at the same time, we believe that Moon Rabbit is one of the most ambitious projects on the market — we offer blockchain infrastructure specifically designed to support all kinds of scientific research projects that try to make humans immortal.

The Hope for Immortality

Immortality or, at least longevity, has been the greatest human dream since the very first days of our species. A lot of powerful and influential people are very interested in longevity research and ready to invest heavily in it. So dozens of research teams all over the world work on different approaches to immortality and longevity.

Some try to find a solution that will help humans to live 120-150 years on average since it is the proven natural human lifespan — we don’t live that long only because of stressors and diseases. Thus, hundreds of brilliant scientists all over the world work on medical solutions that will make this theoretical limit a very real one.

Some teams focus on so-called “digital immortality” or “mind upload” — the development of hardware and software solutions that will allow you to create a digital “backup” copy of your consciousness, memories, and personality that will remain active even after the body dies. While it is not a biological immortality per se, it is still extremely intriguing. And some famous people are involved in this process. For example, William Shatner (Star Trek’s Captain Kirk)  is having a hologram created that will allow people to interact with his personality even after he dies.

Today no one knows which approach (or combination of approaches) will work out. Therefore, we at Moon Rabbit made it our goal to ensure that any longevity-oriented project can benefit from our infrastructure and efficiently exchange data with other teams to combine their efforts in different fields.

High Quality Infrastructure

The main problem of longevity research nowadays is fragmentation. Dozens of research teams work on it, but the issue is too complicated and comprehensive for any single team or institution to solve on their own. Cooperation is a must: for example, the research of human natural lifespan was only made possible by the cooperation of researchers from the US, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Russia. But data exchange in the science world is slow and troublesome. Additionally, the financial incentives model is completely broken within the longevity space, which lacks effective crowdfunding and crowdsourcing techniques that crypto generally and Moon Rabbit specifically offer.

While most blockchains are generally slower than conventional means of data transfer, Moon Rabbit uses a Substrate-based scalability solution that permits a multi-level blockchain launch. This approach has successfully been tested in Polkadot and proved that the metric of transactions per second is no longer a limit. At the same time, like any other blockchain, Moon Rabbit offers a combination of speed and security. Especially when it comes to copyright protection - blockchain-based solutions in this field are extremely reliable. Basically, if every data entry is timestamped and can’t be edited afterward — copyright disputes are solved instantly. Moon Rabbit permits tokenization of Longevity-related IP data and permits Longevity-based startups to accelerate their growth. Moon Rabbit provides just the necessary infrastructure since it uses Polkadot architecture with independent blockchain-based jurisdictions.

Why Polkadot?

Moon Rabbit rolled out its own infrastructure using the Polkadot core architecture due to inherent advantages that Substrate provides:

Substrate architecture offers higher throughput and scalability than other large programmable blockchains, like Ethereum.

Blockchain interoperability. The substrate was specifically developed with other blockchain networks. This facilitates integrating existing networks already used by research teams and institutions and makes data exchange easier.

Polkadot parachains (called jurisdictions in Moon Rabbit) reduce network congestion - there is no need to push all traffic through a single blockchain - every project can get its own network that will be integrated with all the others but won’t overload them.

Moon Rabbit has additionally committed to onboard projects that failed to obtain their own Parachain on Polkadot, becoming a refuge for rejected projects. The founders of Moon Rabbit firmly believe in participation, inclusivity, and barrier-free usage of blockchains and web3 for entrepreneurs.

The AAA token is a unique cryptographic particle within the Moon Rabbit system, as it combines properties of several other hugely successful tokens, such as ADA, BNB, and LINK, namely AAA is used for:

  • Fees for processing transactions and storing data, half of which are permanently burned.
  • Running Temples (validator nodes) on the network via DPoS system (staking $AAA).
  • Rolling out a custom Jurisdiction (own blockchain or protocol) via locking $AAA tokens.
  • Used for community governance votes to assist steering Longevity DAO.
  • Used as a payment token for any goods or services built by partners of Longevity DAO.

In addition, Moon Rabbit allows longevity-focused projects to launch blockchain networks specifically tailored for their needs quickly and without large expenses.

“The Roadmap for August presents our aggressive strategy for our Web3 infrastructure rollout worldwide. It will enable entrepreneurs, crypto-enthusiasts and researchers worldwide to build new exciting ventures on Moon Rabbit. Our infrastructure is unparalleled, as we can support hundreds of Jurisdictions simultaneously. And unlike with Polkadot, they won't have to spend much on rolling out their own chain, wait for months for an auction or survive on small grants. My hedge fund Versetti &Co and our partners Goldsworth Capital will invest into seed rounds of any promising startups launching on Moon Rabbit!”, - said Angel Versetti, the Moon Rabbit founder. 

We hope that easy access to infrastructure will allow more small but talented teams to join the combined effort to ensure human longevity.

Influencers’ support

Let’s be honest, influencers’ support is paramount in the modern market. You can have the best technology, solving the most pressing issues of the most trending industry, but you can't even hope for market success if you don’t have influencers backing you up. We are quite fortunate in this regard since Moon Rabbit enjoys really powerful support, which makes its rapid success quite understandable.

A lot of celebrities are interested in longevity research — after all, if you live like a Hollywood star, you want to live as long as possible. So Moon Rabbit was immediately noticed: for example, Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach recently shared his praise of Moon Rabbit in a video posted on Twitter.

What’s next?

The Moon Rabbit team isn’t going to rest on its laurels and plan to maintain momentum after successful market entry. At the end of August, a DPOS staking mechanism will be implemented. Thus, Moon Rabbit tokens will become not only an attractive investment to hold onto but a functional source of income as well. Bithumb Global, the biggest crypto exchange in Korea, has announced that they will list Moon Rabbit, while the 4th biggest exchange in Korea, ProBit, has already launched trading of AAA tokens.

In addition to obvious financial benefits for all network participants, we hope that more investors will be attracted to kinds of longevity research projects. After all, the more resources scientists receive and the easier it is for them to combine their efforts — the closer we get to achieving the most ambitious of all human dreams.

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