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Mobile Development Challenges


There is no harm in saying that the world is turning out to be mobile. Along with this there are some opportunities as well as challenges that follow. For the developers (people behind the scene of development) that develop a mobile application it becomes very important to maintain that user-developer relationship.

Earlier the cellular phones or devices were used only for the purpose of making and receiving calls. But now with the advancement in technology there has been observed a miraculous change in the use of mobile devices.

Mobile phones are no longer left for functioning as simple call makings; they have replaced everything that had some separate place in our life. They serve as a clock, alarm clock, calculator, navigator, save notes, play games, even you can surf net. Therefore, in all you can move along with Google in your pocket.

All this has been contributed with the help of the applications that make it possible. Mobile application development helps to organize and run many different aspects of your life. Some of these apps are not all just for business promotion; but can be used by the user for recreation.

It is not so easy to develop an application. It takes a lot behind mobile application development. But once developed they prove to be the best business promoters.

Mobile applications have a prominent part to play in the overall growth of your business. Furthermore, there are some challenges associated with this process of development of the mobile applications. Some of them are as follows:

Cross Platform Compatibility:

Platform is the framework on which the application developed is run to function. Nowadays, Smart phone market is no less than the battlefield where the competitors struggle for the win- win situation to flourish their business. There is hard competition between smart phones running on iOS, Android, Windows and to some extent Symbian OS.

Hence, it becomes must to have an application that runs on multiple platforms and is successfully compatible with them to achieve more success that is the main goal of the businesses. This can be coined as the key development challenge and important when developing an application.

Selecting the right application development tools can solve this problem. This would save their time and enable to build a business application that would run on multiple platforms.

User Friendly:

While developing an application two things need to be kept in consideration. The first one is business goal the main purpose for developing that led to its birth and the second one is being user friendly. Unless and until app is not appreciated by the users, it would do nothing to promote your business and enhance your business growth.

Developers have to make it sure the application they create satisfies both these conditions successfully. It is crucial for developers to create applications which work on minimal battery power and bandwidth, since this plays a crucial role in defining overall user experience.

User experience matters a lot. User reviews are very important for businesses to excel. Developer should develop application that fulfills the criteria from the users’ perception. Else it is of no use to develop.

Hurdles Faced while Integration :

Security is integrated to the networking infrastructure right from the application development stage. Whether you own a smaller or larger business the application associated with you business needs security at every stage.

Information like DOB, Social security numbers and passwords need to be secured. By improving upon crucial security and back-end problems, the chances of a breach can be greatly reduced.

Testing Different Types Of Mobile Applications:

Basically there are three types of Mobile Applications.

a. Native App: Actually native application is developed to run on a particular platform or device.

b. Web App: Web Apps are Mobile–optimized web pages that look like an app.

c. Hybrid App: Hybrid apps are bit of native apps and bit of web apps. It consists of both the other apps.

Testing of each of the above app is entirely different from the other that is a great point of concern. Reason being their implementation is quite different from one another. This is one of the challenges faced while mobile testing which is phase of mobile app development.

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