Mirror World: The GameFi Project That Features AI-driven Virtual Mirrors and Interactive NFTs by@lpcap

Mirror World: The GameFi Project That Features AI-driven Virtual Mirrors and Interactive NFTs

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As one of the most popular crypto sectors, emerging projects in the GameFi field have seen a lot of growth in recent years. In fact, they have become the favorite businesses of many investors and venture capitalists. Mirror World (a GameFi Project that uses AI to create 3+ asset-sharing games) has recently announced they had raised more than $4 million in seed round financing. The fundraising was headed up by the leading interactive entertainment investment institution, Galaxy Interactive. Soon after, the firm was joined by Republic Crypto and quantitative fund of the industry, Alameda Research.

These agencies were eventually followed by the likes of GameFi Venture Capital LD Capital, YGG SEA, Avocado Guild, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Infinity Ventures, CrytoSky9 Capital, Mirana Ventures, PathDAO, Lucid Blue Ventures, Bas1s Ventures, Metasense DAO, Tess Ventures, and Nihil Ventures.

LD Capital stated that Mirror World plans to use this round of financing to accelerate the launch of its first three games - an ARPG, a PvP Battle Arena, and an SLG. They also plan to provide valuable equity support to community members looking to participate in early Mirror World activities.


So, what is it about Mirror World that stands out among the other GameFi projects? Why is this one project venture receiving so much investment? These are important questions that this article will attempt to answer. However, if the reason could be summed up, you might say that Mirror World is the perfect mix of a virtual playground, enjoyable gaming experience, and source for real-world benefits.

As a virtual world composed of multiple matrices, Mirror World’s games feature AI-driven virtual life-Mirrors that act as assets for characters. They are fully interoperable in each game, which ensures that holders will always be able to access new challenges as they go live. In the current design, Mirror World includes a rogue-like ARPG title called “Mirrama,” a PVP-based arena duel called “Brawl of Mirrors,” and an SLG title that functions as its main genre.

Mirror World is also constructing its platform to include themes of openness, compatibility, and decentralization, creating a virtual playground that is rich, interesting, and capable of generating real income at the same time. This is all possible thanks to AI technology from rct AI, a startup incubated by Y Combiner that has served to rapidly advance the industry. However, Mirror world has also established itself by providing self-developed algorithm models to more innovative and collectible Web3 communities and projects.

In September of 2021, Mirror World launched the world’s first interactive NFT. The release included 11,000 individual tokens – all capable of being circulated across the platform’s games. In fact, in order to better promote the concept of dynamics and interaction in the encrypted world, Mirror World also launched the first NFT interactive chip – known as “Soul Chip” – that following November. Since then, the company has continued to collaborate on high-quality projects throughout the encrypted world, imbuing them with “smart” and “soul” features.


Supporting a design principle built around “game first, encryption second,” Mirror World is currently working with the economic team of Republic Crypto to design Tokenomics and DAO around the concept of ensuring gameplay. In addition to the core resource cycle present in each game, these designs will also feature a cross-game resource exchange. The goal is to bring players a better gaming experience while simultaneously promoting more sustainable economic benefits.

The hope is that this will all contribute to a more open and “well-framed” economic system – one that will be capable of motivating more game studies to join Mirror World (and support them once they do). The end game, according to insiders, is an open, autonomous, sustainable and asset-interoperable game world.


"Mirror World is the first artificial intelligence-driven virtual playground that brings crypto rewards to people,” says Mirror World founder and CEO Chris Zhu.

“We want to build the ‘Nintendo of Web3 ‘with players' beloved characters,” he went on to say.

When designing games for Mirror NFTs, they try to emphasize how that NFT can reflect the ownership of a digital asset. For instance, if players are playing a centralized game, the asset will naturally lose its value. Invariable, the game loses its appeal. According to Zhu, this is why the company decided to build a game matrix where assets are interconnected and backed by a unified token from the very beginning.

Currently, Mirror World is still in the very early stages. The company hopes they will have a community that is more in sync with their visions by the time they start building their systems. Of course, building something to rival Nintendo requires time, effort, and everyone in the community co-creating their stories into the matrix. “I’m excited about what’s coming,” says Zhu. He went on to say that, in the near future, Mirror World is going to carry out a series of celebration activities aimed at rewarding its supporters. The campaign is likely to include special sweepstakes and airdrops on Twitter, Discord, and other platforms.

All in all, Mirror World is creating a multi-game universe with real asset interoperability – one where players can use Mirror NFTs to travel through different game worlds, experience different types of games, and enjoy different types of experiences. Without question, it’s going to be very interesting to watch.


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