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Migrating Content from WordPress to Cosmic JS

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@carsonCarson Gibbons

Over 30% of the worldโ€™s websites are powered by WordPress, yet 64% of developers participating in the 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey say they dread working with WordPress. Top reasons include security, bloat, bad user experience and that WordPress is built for outdated web architectures. If you are currently using WordPress, you probably share these feelings and know that technical bloat and slow page load speed detract from overall user experience.

Cosmic JS is a drop-in replacement for WordPress, providing a web dashboard to create and manage content, and API tools and resources to integrate content into any new or existing website or app. In this blog Iโ€™ll demonstrate importing WordPress posts into Cosmic JS for integration into a new, modern application. We can accomplish this by simply creating a new Bucket, installing the WordPress Importer Extension and running it.


WordPress Importer Extension
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Create aย Bucket

Navigate to Settings > Extensions > WordPress Importer Extension

Install the WordPress Importer Extension

Add your WordPress Blog Feedย URL

In the field, add your WordPress blog feed URL as pictured above.

Import WordPress Content

Posts Imported Successย Screen

Migrated WordPress Posts in the Cosmic JS Dashboard

Your blog posts are now imported and modeled in the Cosmic JS Bucket Dashboard, complete with titles, publish dates, authors, content and more.

Integrate content using the NPM Module, GraphQL, Bash orย Curl

Now that our WordPress posts are imported into Cosmic JS, we can check out our content models and prepare our content for integration into a new application using code snippet resources for JavaScript, GraphQL, Bash or Curl. You can easily install a content-ready application from the Cosmic JS Apps Marketplace and import your WordPress posts to deploy with Netlify to measure the page load speed increase.


Liberating developers and content creators from WordPress is a big goal, and the WordPress Importer Extension is a neat tool to help illustrate how flexible, portable and scalable your content becomes when managed with Cosmic JS. If you have any comments or questions about migrating your WordPress content to Cosmic JS, reach out to us on Twitter and join the conversation on Slack.


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