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Mental Health in the Coronavirus Eraโ€‚by@brianwallace

Mental Health in the Coronavirus Era

Brian Wallace Hacker Noon profile picture

Brian Wallace

Founder @ NowSourcing. Contributor @ Hackernoon, Advisor @GoogleSmallBiz, Podcaster, infographics

With the U.S. taking the title of most reported COVID-19 cases in any one nation, staying at home is being pushed more than ever. But staying at home all day every day can have some negative side effects on the mind and body. Social isolation can lead to a multitude of health concerns including heightened risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Even just short periods of time alone can increase anxiety and depression after only a few days mainly due to the fact that most people rely on one or two close relationships to help them stay level-headed and secure. This is most common in high income earners, those with a graduate degree, married couples, and people over the age of 65.ย 

Self isolation also may cause newfound symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, sleeping, and creating a routine. Those with already existing problems will now find their symptoms being worsened by staying at home all day. The transition between working at an office and working at home can be tough too - some simple tips can help ease this tension.

Organizing your space by making a separate work area in your home and avoiding working in your bedroom can help you stay focused. Staying connected to your friends, family, and coworkers is also very important as it can negate the feeling of loneliness. Staying in contact to your coworkers can be additionally important as it can ease the pressure when working. Daily cleaning, even as little as 10 minutes per day, can help give you a sense of control due to its repetitive behavior and a clean area can make you feel more happy and give a sense of well-being and calm.

Find out more tips and tech to help your mental health under coronavirus quarantine here: