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Hybrid Trading Platforms - Meet Your Newest Competitor

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Digital Assets Trading Platform

Digital asset trading platforms or cryptocurrency exchanges have been a hot topic in the blockchain industry and will continue to be so as long as the industry exists. According to statistics, there are about 2004 Listed cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap, which are tradable in about 14287 markets with a total market cap of USD 222.8 Billion, this creates a daily trade volume of USD 14 Billion.

These figures will be exceeded if Decentralized Exchanges, P2P trades, ICO investment trades among others were considered.

Various types of cryptocurrency exchanges have been in existence since the introduction of blockchain to humanity:

It all started with Centralized Exchanges (CEX), which came with the problem of trust, exposure of document, security, and high fees as funds are being collected into a centralized wallet, pending when the users are ready to trade them.

Then came the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), this allows peer to peer transaction between People without the involvement of any third party. This effectively makes the fee lesser but has its own problems, like low liquidity.

Then came the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), this allows peer to peer transaction between People without the involvement of any third party. This effectively makes the fee lesser but has its own problems, like low liquidity.

Hybrid Exchanges combines the elements of a Centralized Exchange and Decentralized Exchange to correct their shortcomings while offering you the best of both worlds.

Why We Need Something Different?

Although there are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms currently available, it is however evident that the majority of them follow the standard model and protocol that offers a limited and frustrating trading experience to traders who would really love to get more out of exchanges. 

The need for an exchange that minimizes the conventional boundaries and provides its users with a comprehensive trading platform for trading various types of digital assets than just cryptocurrency, as well as tackle problems like security, high trading fees, lack of liquidity, slow customer support service, limited or insufficient asset pairing, and a user friendly interface has led to the creation of next Hybrid Exchange - SynchroBit™.


Synchrobit™ is an innovative hybrid peer to peer platform, built by Synchronium®, an international group of experts in digital assets trading, blockchain, finance, branding, and digital marketing,  for a faster, smarter, cheaper, and secure trading of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

With its core technology based on the unique SYNCHRONIUM® innovative consensus protocol, PoSync™, SynchroBit™ is highly fast and is capable of handling 1 million transactions per second, meaning that it takes approximately 40 Nanoseconds for every transaction on the platform to be completed.

This will enable users to execute various pairing models and bids. Also, being peer to peer, the platform will prevent manipulations of any sort.

Features Of SynchroBit™

Being a Peer to Peer digital trading platform that allows trade for cryptocurrencies and Fiats, SynchroBit™ has some rich features that are simple to use and set it apart from every other exchange.

Some of them are listed below:

Security: Security has always and will always be a challenge to exchanges, as they are going to be under constant attacks from hackers who are interested in stealing money from the platform. SynchroBit™ is well equipped with Cyber-Security infrastructures and technology, effectively built to tackle cyber threats and attacks from hackers.

Also, users of the platform will be empowered with training that will enhance the security of their account and provide them with available tools and solutions to maximize their security.

Diversified Market: SynchroBit™ will offer high liquidity and diversity of listed assets. The platform is currently a P2P crypto trading platform, but additional trading markets which include precious metals, energy, and commodities being made available to users in the next version. 

This will make it the first trading platform to offer additional trading features with crypto assets. Other trading procedures such as Margin Trading and Futures will also be available. All trading pairs will be P2P which prevents any form of manipulation and enhances the liquidity of assets.

All markets will be arranged in Modules like Crypto Market Module, Metal Market Module, Energy MArket Module, Commodity Market Module, ICO Market Module, etc.

Hybrid Functionality: By combining the benefits of both the Centralized Exchange (CEX) and the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), SynchroBit™ will offer the best of both worlds in its Hybrid Exchange by solving the problems of speed, user interface, risk, and high fees.

Our Key Differentiators

With the aim of making trading faster, smarter, easier, cheaper, and better than it has ever been, SynchroBit™ introduced innovative trading solutions and tools that help minimize risks and maximizes profit while availing users the option to trade a diversified range of digital asset portfolio.

Tools like the Trend-Limit™ will enable users to place an order at two different expected conditions with a single fund. Users can simultaneously place their expected target price at a High Stop-Limit and Low Stop-Limit with a single fund.

Users will have access to instant customer support services from the platform’s advanced customer service technologies and well-trained staff, experienced in providing instant customer support. 

The platform uses AI technology to provide users with high-quality data, analysis, and market insights about listed digital assets which help them trade smartly during the uncertainty in the market.

Income will be generated from value-added services to users, which will, therefore, make the trading fees on SynchroBit™ very competitive and cheaper, while there will be no fees charged for trading with the SNB token.

SynchroBit™ will be open to users’ feedback and ensure to employ them to improve its services and performance, while periodically conducting surveys to analyze users’ experiences on the platform and improve its UI and UX.

SynchroBit Coin (SNB)

SynchroBit Coin or the SNB Token is the official currency of the SynchroBit Trading Platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is an ERC-20 Token which enables its holders to benefit from its extended functionalities on all Synchronium® platforms as well.

The SNB Token will be integrated into the SynchroBit™ platform by the end of Public ICO and will serve as a major payment option for fees on the platform including trading fees. The SNB Token will be listed on some of the reputable exchanges with high liquidity and volume such as LiveCoin, CoinsBit, Crex24, and BTC Alpha. It will also be made available for trade on major ETH decentralized exchanges too.

SNB Token has been successfully generated on the 17th of April, 2019, on the Ethereum MainNet. The Pre-ICO buyers have already received their tokens. A total of 5% of the total supply is allocated to Pre-ICO holders and Private investors with a Lock-in period of 24 months. The Pre-ICO held from the 20th of April to the 20th of July, 2019, with a minimum purchase of USD 1000.

Crowdsale will be done via three rounds of ICO from the 1st of August to the 28th of December 2019m while an IEO will be conducted on partner exchanges which will be announced before the 3rd round of ICO.  The sale of ICO in the 3rd round will be conducted simultaneously with the IEO as the IEO will be limited to only users of the partner exchanges.

The SNB Token will cost $0.2 USD in the first round, $0.25 USD in the second round, and $0.35 USD in the third round.

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