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Meet OTN. Join OTN. Unite the Crypto World with OTN!

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@otncoinOpen Trading Network

Open Trading Network (OTN)— the first platform that offers cross-chain technology to unite all blockchain networks and market participants, and ensure their best interests.

Our main goal is to join isolated blockchain networks into a unified open network. Just as the emergence of the Internet connected corporate and university networks and generated a huge number of new industries, the Open Trading Network will similarly merge isolated blockchain networks to create the infrastructure of the future.

OTN will tokenize digital and regular assets and conduct 100% secure transactions between any blockchain networks. With the appearance of new blockchains (i.e. crypto yuan and digital square meters), OTN will become irreplaceable, the ultimate network connecting market participants and thus constantly boosting liquidity.

Convenient tools for ALL the network participants are to be created: for general users, businesses and traders.

What can OTN offer you?

For consumers (users of cryptocurrency):

  • Universal crypto wallet. All​​ assets ​​in ​​one ​​place
  • Trust ​​and ​​guarantees. Automatic smart contract based on real assets insurance
  • Legal​​ compliance
  • Universal​​ tokenization ​​and ​​cross-chain ​​exchange
  • 24/7​​ Trading,​ Speed​ ​and ​​Reliability
  • Complex trading tools for investment ​​and​ ​trading

For businesses (small companies and large corporations):

  • Issuing​​ tokens in an ecosystem with instant release to the marketplace
  • Connecting​ ​payment ​​systems, quick, affordable and reliable
  • Crowdfunding,​​ loyalty ​​programs,​​ etc.
  • Customer acquisition ​and​ ​controlling ​​the ​​audience

For traders (companies and people who provide liquidity in markets)

  • Speed: Fast​​ orders and ​​processing
  • Security
  • Flexibility

For regulators (supervisory agencies that protect the interests of the parties)

  • Transactions history and transparency
  • KYC: user identification

Are you thrilled? Read more on the OTN website, see the Whitepaper, stay tuned to learn more.


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